Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Metalwork by Giftbearer
This Weathered Poppy Copper Bangle is hand-forged and its inner diameter measures 9 1/2" .  This one should fit a 7 1/2" wrist, as most wrists are about 2" smaller than the hand. It has a lovely reddish heat patina and the center is a contrasting brass ball shined so that it gleams when the light hits it. With the cost of silver going sky high copper and other metals are a good alternative. The color is warm and rich, and I love working with it! I will be making more of these and other new and interesting designs. If you love it but it's not your size please convo me on Etsy to place a custom order.
Click on the photo above to read more about this bracelet and to purchase.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

In Full Bloom

Are you ready for Spring? I know I am!

Here are some bright orange flowers to keep you warm while you wait for warmer weather.

I have some jewelry in the works in these colors which will incorporate some flowers, so be sure to stay tuned to my shop.

I'm adding things just about everyday, so to see/purchase my current work go to;

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?
Click on the items in these shops and you'll be able to answer that question.

I got inspired tonight to make a Treasury about dogs. After weeding through thousands of Pugs, LOL, I finally was able to find a good variety of different breeds. I don't know what this fad is regarding Pugs but there sure are lots of them on Etsy.

I much prefer breeds like Greyhounds, Akita's, German Shepherds, Huskies; big, regal dogs with tapered noses, but for those of you who like little dogs with hair on their faces or little mini types I've included a few of those too.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Giftbearer Suggestion Box!

You Can Help Ideas To Hatch

Here's how; Just leave a comment here in my blog as to what you would buy; colors, styles, sizes, etc.

I'd like to turn all of my hearts on Etsy into sales, so let me know what you like and I'll keep that in mind when making my new pieces of jewelry!

I just listed a few things tonight (Feb. 16th),  so I hope you'll find something  :-)
More to come! Having to guess since nobody has left a comment yet.

Still listing! (Feb 18th).

I'm at 112 sales and 111 items for sale in my jewelry shop; lots of choices.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do You Dream of Amethyst?
Amethyst, and Sterling Bracelet (Sparkling Lavender)

Amethyst just happens to be February's birth stone in addition to being in this winter's color forecast! There are two birthdays in my family this month; my son Quinn, and my dog, Carmella.

I just finished the above bracelet and as you can see it looks lovely with pink. Those are my courderoy pants it's resting on! You can also wear it with white, black, or any shade of purple.

The segments of woven mesh are Ndeble and they really sparkle with their rainbow surface, reflecting light in shades of lavender with pink and blue undertones.

All About Amethyst:
Amethyst ranges from nearly colorless to a very dark purple approaching black but is generally some shade of purple.

It has a hardness of 7 on the Moh's scale, and it's composition is Si02 (made from Sulfur and Oxygen).

The stone is a variety of Quartz which formed as a result of shifting of the earth's crust, called Lamellae.

The largest sources of Amethyst are in Southern Brazil and Uruguay, and also Madagascar. It is also found in Idar-Oberstein, Germany,  Argentina, Russia (mostly near the Ural Mountains), Canada,  in various African countries, and some is found in parts of the US such as Maine, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, although not as much of that material is gem grade. Small deposits of dark Amethyst has been found in Australia.

The Amethyst found in South America is generally found in larger pieces, but African Amethyst is reputed to be better saturated although the rough comes in smaller sizes.

Experts can often tell a stone's origin from the color

History and Folklore:

Deposits are often very large with gem grade pieces often being as large as a fist! Some can weigh as much as 700 Carats. The first find appeared in Mexico in 1900 and the pocket measured 33 X 16 X 10 Feet! It weighed more than 8 tons!

The color was first attributed to Maganese, but is now thought to be Ferric Thiocynate.

The name Amethyst means in Greek "not drunken" origiating from the myth of Dionysus, the God of intoxication. The legend is that Dionysus was angered by a mortal one day and vowed to take revenge on the next mortal he saw, sending Tigers after a young girl named Amethyst who was on her way to visit te Goddess Diana.

To protect the maiden from the ensuing attack by the tigers Diana turned Amethyst into a crystal Quartz statue, but when Dionysus saw the statue he wept tears of wine, turning the clear to purple.

The Catholic Church associated the stone with piety and was believed to encourage celibacy in the Middle Ages. These and other churches of that era used alot of Amethyst in their decor.Chalices have been crafted out of Amethyst in an attempt to prevent drunkenness, and bishops have been know to wear Amethyst rings.

The stone has long been asociated with royalty and considered sacred, and this ideology spans many different cultures, including Tibetan, Egyptian, and British. In Tibet rosaries have been carved in Amethyst in the belief that this gemstone is sacred to Buddha.

Leonardo DaVinci believed that Amethyst was capable of "dissipating evil thoughts and quickening intelligence"

Astrological signs strongly associated with this gem are Pisces, Virgo, Aquarious, and Capricorn.

It is considered the traditional stone for one's 17th wedding anniversary.

Victorian jewelry often contained the pale variety of Amethyst known as "Rose De France".

Because of the strong emotional and spirital significance given the stone it would be considered much more valuable than it is today if it were not so readily available.


You can find lots of Amethyst in my shops and I am always adding more! It is a beautiful stone and provides great value in jewelry.  I have some very nice examples of it in both etsy shops. Just click on the pictures to get all the details and to purchase and be sure to look around while you're there, as I couldn't include all of my Amethyst in this article;

Amethyst Stud Earrings Precision Facetted by Swarogem Set in Sterling Prong Setting

Marisela-Faceted and Smooth AAA Amethyst and Bali Sterling Jewelry Set

Amethyst and Fluorite with Czech Crystal and Seedbead Necklace

Amethyst, Pearl, Hematite, and Fluorite Necklace

Autumn Corn Earrings

Sugilite/Amethyst Earrings

Natural Amethyst Crystal Point 4
Small Cactus Quartz (approx. 1 inch long)
(These Cactus Quartz and more available in my shop).

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Share The Love!
Vote for my Necklace; "How Love Feels"

How Love Feels- 23" long; on leather cord, hand-stitched brown ultrasuede heart focal,
with ceramic, copper, Carnelian, and Variscite beads, accented with a rich brown mottled nut from the

This necklace is currently for sale in my etsy store and the heart is so heavenly soft you will literally feel how love feels! Everyone else seems to make their hearts red or pink so I decided to be different and go with a chocolate brown.
Click on the picture to go and read more and/or to purchase. It is one of a kind.

Fusion Beads is sponsoring a "Share the Love" contest and the one who gets the most votes will win a $250 gift certificate!

Voting is open through February 15th and the winner will be announced on the 16th.

To vote, go here!

You can vote once every day!

You Can Wear My Jewelry With These Accessories

If you like the beadwoven earrings and necklace but have so far held off on buying them because you wondered what you'd wear them with, worry no longer!

Let this treasury act as your personal shopper on Etsy!

Beadwoven designs are very under-rated and deserve to take a spot in your jewelry box next to your pearls, gemstones, glass, and metal. The end product that results is worth more than the sum of its parts. When you buy beadwoven jewelry you are investing in a true piece of wearable art.

Purple is in this winter and it is gorgeous when combined with metallic bronze/gold with hints of plum and/or blue! The beads I've used for the tubular mesh in this Triangle necklace; Volcanic Heart Center and Golden Buds earrings are hexagonal, with an irridescent metallic color which give them the effect of fish scales, and when the light hits them they are absolutely luminous!

To purchase these or my other unique jewelry designs available in my Etsy store, please go to;


Thursday, February 03, 2011

Check out the List of Items Listed Today by Members of Promotional Frenzy!
Here's my new pair of earrings (Click on photo for more information).
Metallic Gold Iris Beadwoven Carnelian Brass and Vermeil Earrings (Golden Buds)

jQjewelrydesigns - Labradorite and Silver Droplets Bracelet

lindab142 - Pearl Wire Wrapped Choker

BijiBijoux - Amethyst Chandelier Drop earrings

CalliopeAZCreations - Spiny Oyster Choker Necklace

Prittyfy - Drop Necklace

Galla15 - oval button ring

AngelasPaperArt- paper wristlet

Hogans' Handiwork - Serrano Red Chain Cowl

themayflower - spring color czech glass rondelle earrings

Petite Hermine - Tell-tale Heart Necklace

Sea Flower Studios

zenbreeze - Crow Among the Stones cemetery photo:

NewCreatioNZ - Sea grass print

PowersOfLove - Green Newsboy Hat with Buttons

Turtlexiii- purple bracelet

KrystalsJewelry - Ambrelle - Gold Drop Necklace

Tyss Handmade Jewelry - Orange ceramic beads antique brass hoops earrings

sammi10 - cobweb felt scarf

SunnyCrystals - Rainbow beaded Leaf Pendant

Thursday - List an item challenge Treasury (Part 1)

Sewinggranny - Chic trendy oven mitt set:

MakingsByMary - American Girl Doll Poncho and Boots set

Glitterbird Glamour - Suncatcher in the House

Toddletags - Having a SAMPLE of many sample listings

Prendasbyenid - Simple Charm Bracelet in a Polyester Cord

PrintsbyFormedByFire-Airship From 1670 Vintage Dictionary Art Print

Crystalphotography - Chillin' Aceo

CrimsonHill - Sea Clay Purifying Soap

BooBooZoo - Pain Manager Set

Galeaz Glass - Intricate Art Nouveau Heart

Kelly Designs - Pre Fab Bleeding Heart Logo Design

ArielSimone - Fun Racerback Stretch Lace Tank

Thursday - List an item challenge Treasury (Part2)

CrochetedbyCharlene – Crocheted Rug or Pet Mat

CarissasCreations158: Carissa's Sweet Mess (Macaroons)

CanineCloset: Belle Fleur XS/SMALL Collar

ToyStoryNutty (Kater's Acres) - Glitter Parker Ornament

Jane Hamill - Bee Mine handmade lampwork glass heart focal bead

Giftbearer - Metallic Gold Iris Beadwoven Carnelian Brass and Vermeil Earrings (Golden Buds)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

3 Strand Ivory glass pearl necklace with antiqued brass clasp and links

Have a wedding and you need white accessories for that special day?

Well this shop has what you need to feel and look beautiful; the necklace, the earrings, even the bracelet!

The name Sabtis was derived from a combination of the Northern California mother's 3 children's names.

Her appreciation of beauty, style, and grace shines through her work.

Using a variety of metals including silver-plated, surgical steel, gold-plated, sterling, and some Hill Tribes silver, you can choose what you like in a wide range of price-points from $8.00 for a single pair of white glass pearl drop earrings to $175 for a set of 5 multiple strand Bridesmaids' Bracelets

Green aventurine, freshwater pearls, gold leaf, earrings

Most all jewelry in this shop is customizable for size and other features. Just contact Estee, the owner and she will be glad to assist you so that you will absolutely love your jewelry.
3 Strand Ivory glass pearl necklace with antiqued brass clasp and links

Although specializing in bridal jewelry if you want some color other than white or cream Sabtis has some designs using crystal, gemstone, and other beads you will enjoy for other occasions as well!
Graduated chunky beaded necklace with Celestial crystal accents black, green, gold

This fun and flirty necklace features a spring green fringe of crystal beads on gold-plated headpins and hoops contrasting with bold black round "druk" beads. This is sure to be a power piece for the woman with flair, not afraid to take the world by storm and make it fabulous!

JANUARY - FREE Shipping to the US and Canada Plus a Free gift!
You can also follow her on Twitter here: 
Sabtis Designs accepts many forms of payment including Paypal, Credit/Debit cards, and checks.

Go here:  Sabtisdesigns