Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Free Bead Contest
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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Update on "Python Ban"

Reposted (so as not to rewrite) from what I wrote on the Diane Rehm radio show site; I am saddened by just how out of control this mass banning has become. What kicked this off was an issue taking place in the Everglades and it has now been totally blown out of proportion to involve the entire country, and drawn into it way more animals than its original intended target.

If people are concerned about giant feral pythons in the Everglades those individual snakes should be contained/removed; not the snakes kept in captivity that are not hurting anyone, are happy and healthy.

I don't know where people are coming up with this "animal abuse" angle from this. What abuse? Breeding? Keeping in captivity? Is that what is being considered "abuse"? If so, then that's really stretching it.

The fact of the matter is that for many years non-native animals have come to the United States and have assimilated to life here either in captivity or in the wild. Are we to start exporting all those animals that originated from other countries? And if so, then from how many years ago? What should be considered native species? Animals have been brought over with settlers, shipped in, etc ever since this country began, even domestic breeds of cat or dog, but they're here now and we can't put Pandora back in the box. It's done.

I received an e-mail today about legislation being proposed currently which takes all this "animal control" even further. It said that there are restrictions being proposed against adding to the endangered species list even when it would be warranted. What ever happened to animal rights groups promotion of conservation? That seems to have gone out the window in a matter of weeks or months.

Looking at the big picture it sure appears as if there are those who would like to see animals become extinct because they really just consider them pests and believe they interfere with their lifestyle, as if they were competing with man's very existance. That is not a solution.

If Florida wants to get big snakes out of the Everglades and prevent more from getting loose there are more effective ways to do that intead of a Federal and then state by state ban. Why not for instance Spay and Neuter the feral ones.

HSUS would make better use of its time and resources doing that than in waging this nationwide war and dragging every species into it that resides in this country.

If Florida wants to restrict or limit the number of big species of snakes going into that state, that's one thing, but the whole country should not be penalized, when these snakes cannot live in the wild in cooler climates anyhow.

Yesterday while reading on one of the snake forums, I found yet another disturbing piece of legislation; this one introduced by the state of Rhode Island, and this one includes Ball Pythons, these very gentle and often shy snakes who aren't even capable of delivering more than a few small superficial puncture wounds (in the worst case scenario); certainly not vicious man-eaters by any definition!

Here is a link to the bill below;


To oppose S2033 go here: http://usark.org/campaign.php?id=31

I recieved a few responses to letters I wrote to legislators asking that they oppose this ban and overturn it. Senator Saxby Chambliss told me he'd pass on my thoughts to Fish and Wildlife and keep me posted on their response, and the Senator V. Susan Sosnowski of District 37 said my comments were very interesting and that she'd remember them when she addressed the issue in Environment and Agriculture Committee for a hearing. I read that as positive but I wish she'd told me where she stands on the issue so I'd know for sure.

Keep reading, everyone, please leave comments, and follow if you aren't already. I'm sure this topic will be interesting to alot of people, and there will be lots of new developments to come. Together we can make a difference so that people can continue to enjoy these beautiful and graceful animals.

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