Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy 4th!

The fourth of July has inspired me to make another elaborate beadwoven necklace. This one has 8 strands of genuine Spinel chips and lots of beautiful bright red coral beads on the centerpiece fringe. It took me many hours of work to complete. The piece reminds me of fireworks. The silver and white necklace I sold on Etsy with a similar look was called Happy New Year; with cascading fringe bursting out of the main core.

This one, called Raspberry Explosion Independance Day Necklace reminds one of jolly rancher candy or raspberry ice; gleaming and luminous, with the look of royalty. Spinel is in the same family as Ruby, and they are not always easy to distinguish even by lapidary experts, but generally Spinel has more pink tones to it and is punchier. It is one of my favorite stones.

Let me know what you think about this piece, and please take a look at my etsy store. For more information about the necklace or to purchase, the listing is at
and here is the picture below;

Friday, June 23, 2006

More on Day Lilly Earrings

Yesterday I sold another pair of Day Lilly earrings. It was one of the ones I didn't post here, but I'd listed it on Bead & Button Community messageboard; reddish pink, a little like the reddish one below, but more pinkish and less red. As always happens just as I had begun to think they weren't going to move just last night before I was about to turn in for the night I checked my computer and was pleasantly surprised.

Three more pair are available now and I would like to sell them out and then start on some other types of flowers. I hope someone is reading this blog and will take these little beauties home with them. The right person is out there, someone who loves Day Lillies and loves color. I just know they are.

To purchase the above blue pair , go to this link;

I can do most any flower, but this material lends itself to wide petals and roundish flowers better than long skinny ones. To do a daisey or something of that sort I would have to leave more of the background and not cut out quite so much around each petal. Sunflowers would work pretty well, morning glories, panseys, roses, etc...So if you would like to see certain kinds of flowers here's your chance to let your voice be heard. Maybe your mother loves roses, or your sister is just crazy about sunflowers. This could be the next hot thing!!! You never know.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

More Day Lilly Earrings

These are available at my Etsy store;
Lovely purple with jeweltone colored glass beads.
Thanks for looking. Even more coming soon!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day Lilly Earrings

I just recently sold several pairs of Day Lilly earrings, and when they were gone a customer requested that I make more, so I came out with a new and improved version; this time including beads on them and using sterling silver hooks instead of surgical steele. The results are quite striking!

Over the next few days I will be listing several on my Etsy store site; Reddish-orange, Bright Red with Yellow and Black Edges, Purple with Yellow Centers and White Streaks, and Cornflower Blue with Green Edges. These new earrings sell for $10.00/pair with a shipping fee of $1.00 if you are buying from the U.S., and $2.00 international shipping. Below is an example of one pair;

See these earrings at

Monday, June 12, 2006

Many Muses
~I carry your hearts with me always~

This contemporary Tribal style necklace symbolizes the many muses we take with us on our path each day, the hearts of those who love us and inspire us tucked away for safe-keeping as amulets for good luck.These people who add something to our lives, believe in us, give us the incentive and the confidence to know that we can conquer all of life's challenges, provide us comfort when times are hard, and rejoice with us during our windfalls.Packed with brightly colored gemstones; 16 supremely facetted smokey quartz hearts dangling fron sterling drawn cable chain, are combined with carnelian roller beads, bronze-greenish pearls,light orange pearls.White quartz, bone tubes and rhondelles, grey moonstone, facetted carnelian briolettes, light orange pearls, bronze-greenish pearls, and bali sterling silver beads adorn the strand, strung on .019 soft-flex beading wire.The hook is a sterling lobsterclaw and the sterling chain extender has one silver pearl atop another matching smokey quartz heart, providing a broad size adjustability.Measures 17 1/4", and extends to 20 3/4".Truly one of a kind!

$120.00 plus $4.50 Shipping

***Shipping includes insurance.***

To purchase and/or see other pieces I have available please see my etsy store;

...And thanks to all who have inspired me!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Come See Me...and all sorts of neat stuff!

I just realized that because my ETSY store address was my very first post it was hidden from view unless one happened to look at my list of articles very carefully on the sidebar.

I recently linked to a blog ring for Etsy sellers in case anyone would like to check that out in either direction.

The ring link is located on the sidebar on the right, just below the links which say editme. There's a box with an X inside. You still can click on it and it will work, but I just couldn't figure out how to get that nice button to show up.