Friday, June 23, 2006

More on Day Lilly Earrings

Yesterday I sold another pair of Day Lilly earrings. It was one of the ones I didn't post here, but I'd listed it on Bead & Button Community messageboard; reddish pink, a little like the reddish one below, but more pinkish and less red. As always happens just as I had begun to think they weren't going to move just last night before I was about to turn in for the night I checked my computer and was pleasantly surprised.

Three more pair are available now and I would like to sell them out and then start on some other types of flowers. I hope someone is reading this blog and will take these little beauties home with them. The right person is out there, someone who loves Day Lillies and loves color. I just know they are.

To purchase the above blue pair , go to this link;

I can do most any flower, but this material lends itself to wide petals and roundish flowers better than long skinny ones. To do a daisey or something of that sort I would have to leave more of the background and not cut out quite so much around each petal. Sunflowers would work pretty well, morning glories, panseys, roses, etc...So if you would like to see certain kinds of flowers here's your chance to let your voice be heard. Maybe your mother loves roses, or your sister is just crazy about sunflowers. This could be the next hot thing!!! You never know.

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FranH said...

Just beautiful flower earrings! I'm sure you will sell lots more of these:)