Monday, January 31, 2011

Promotional Frenzy Presents; Out of Whole Cloth BNR Treasury
A compilation from 8 fiber artists

We are now an official Etsy Team!
For details on joining go here --->

We're giving you a sneak preview before we open so that you can look through these shops and pick out something you need and/or want. Try to get there as close to opening as possible so that you have a good chance of getting your chosen seller.

If you have not been to one of our Specialty BNRs here is how it works:

1) We fill half the treasury slots with 8 featured sellers. The other 8 are left blank.

2) The first 4 buyers to call and buy from one of the sellers get featured in two spots! These usually go fast, so don't delay. The first 4 must be from different sellers (for instance if someone has already called/bought from one articular seller you can't buy from that same seller to get the 2 spots). If you're heart is really set on that seller please wait and watch until just after the first 4 are taken and we have 16 items on the board and then make your selection for the usual 1 spot. You will also want to buy in as soon as possible so that you have the best chance of getting sales, as we have found it works better not to carry people over and to have fresh things each week.

3) Once we have all spots filled (after first 4 have bought-in) it reverts to 1 spot for to each buyer and you can buy from any seller.

4) Please help promote the BNR, and feel free to post your specials if you buy in/are featured.

Let's make this a huge success and show all these fiber artists some love! There are a wide variety of items from which to choose and you will almost surely find something you can use or give as a gift. Please don't hesitate to inquire about custom orders, as most if not all of these artists are very open to customization.

Also, if I buy from you, you just might end up featured in my blog!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Food Sellers Should Join Promotional Frenzy
1) Do you have an old family recipe and everyone's been telling you to bottle it and start making a profit on it but you aren't sure how to get the word out?

2) Are you a fantastic and creative baker/cook who has an etsy shop but feels lost in the hundreds of other food sellers out there who are also selling unique and creative edibles?

3) Are you starting to see an increase in sales in your etsy shop but it's either feast or famine and you'd like it to be constant?

4) Are your food products really new and you'd like to test them and see what people think?

5) Are you your own best customer?

6) Do you think to Stumble refers to when you've had too much to drink?

7) When asked "Do you blog" do you answer "What's that?"

8) When you hear the word Twitter do you think they're talking about birds outside your window?

9) Does Kaboodle include "the whole kit and..." where you grew up?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions then you just might be in need of Promotional Frenzy!

What is Promotional Frenzy? you might be wondering.

How can it make my cakes and cookies disappear?

Take weight off my backside, and put weight in my wallet?

Can it replace those lonely nights when it's just me and a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough?

Yes it can!

Just about every day we've got something going on that will get you and your goodies off the kitchen counter and in front of hungry people with money burning a hole in their pocket.

Monday is our weekly BNR (Buy and Replace Treasury);

For those of you who are new to Etsy or have never ventured into the Treasury you are missing out on a state of the art way to advertise! 16 lucky sellers are featured in an online live gallery and people have a chance to buy from them in real-time, talk, ask questions. Buyers ask to buy from a particular seller whose item appears in one of the slots and buys an item or items meeting a certain minimum, then their shop replaces that which they bought from. 

Now comes the really fun part! Here is your chance to tell these potential buyers why they should want and buy your particular edible treats! Tell them how delicious they are, tempt them with special deals, and charm them with your excellent customer service. Ask their likes and dislikes. The BNR Treasury affords sellers and buyers avenues to connect in a way that no other section of Etsy does. There is more pre-sales interaction going on in a BNR Treasury than in the forums, or through convoes and e-mail. Those that return the following weeks after eating something scrumptious help you build your brand with their honest endorsements while the world looks on! It's kind of like being on TV or radio except on the internet! Other potential customers get to hear how cute the packaging was, how quickly the goody arrived, and then how quickly it was gobbled up. That is something you don't always get in written feedback. There is the potential to build lasting relationships with buyers in the BNR that might not have sustained through other means. The more people taste and enjoy your food items the more they talk about it, and word spreads!

Soon, before you know it you have people waiting in line to buy from you! And it doesn't stop there. Often sales from the BNR extend to after it's over. People who may not have bought from you when the BNR was open might heart an item and come back later in the week! Also, Google picks up the comments made in treasuries and so does Twitter and other such places. Facebook friends who have it posted on their wall might just decide that your fudge or sugar cookies are too tempting to pass up.

The girl planning her wedding might decide to order 25 cases of baklavah when she sees something posted about it and rushes over there to buy in with her handmade soap. Your pastries just happened to be what she was looking for, and thus a new customer is made and in turn she gets some promotion for her soap business while she puts in the order for her wedding dessert. She was going to spend $250 anyhow buying this from someone, and that someone might as well be you! If you hadn't been there you'd have missed out on a unique opportunity!

I know some of you are skeptical and saying to yourselves "BNRs are stupid. I don't need that. How will that really help me?" You may be thinking that you won't make enough to pay a bill or for tomorrow's lunch for that matter.

In the past BNRs have had the reputation of being places where only people looking for bargain basement stuff come to buy, but that is changing! As more people with varied taste and income levels come to Etsy to shop and to sell that stereotype no longer holds true.

A few weeks ago we decided to challenge the status quo. We thought, "OK, we procured lots of sales at the $3.50 price-point. What if we raised the minimum to buy in to $10.00 or $15.00? Some people were worried that nobody would buy in but an amazing thing happened. People did buy! Our first attempt was with jewelry and we started with 8 jewelry sellers, leaving the other 8 slots blank. The first 4 people to buy from one of the shops got two of the empty slots until all were filled. Then people started to be replaced. This was our first specialty BNR and the first time we'd raised the minimum.

Contrary to what some feared  there really was not a big drop in sales and the dollar amount brought in was about the same in that first one although this was achieved in a smaller number of sales. Then it and the number of sales steadily increased in the ones that followed.

Well back to how this impacts food sellers; I can tell you that since I've been running this BNR I've seen some food sellers who have gotten numerous sales in BNRs, bought out and back in again and again and have made a nice chunk of money to take home for the night! This varies somewhat depending on a number of factors such as whether it falls close to buyers' pay periods or how many other BNRs the buyers have participated in that week, but if you have a quality product, you get it shipped intact in a timely manner, and the customer loves it, you are very likely to be sought after in the BNR when the next week rolls around! This momentum builds comfidence in your buyers and you will find that you'll start developing some repeat customers as well as friends of customers who heard how good it was!

And one of my all time favorites I bought from in one of our BNRs;
 Miss Munchie - Pretzel Bread Bagels, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Tuesday-Promotional Frenzy!
This is where each of us lists an item of ours and adds it to a master list. That list then gets passed around on the forum thread we frequent (in the Etsy Promotions section), re-posted and added to by each participant. Food sellers have benefitted from this activity in that it increases the number of links out there as everyone uses various social networking sites as guided missiles of promotion and the group concentrates this activity throughout the day usually coming to a head around 9 PM.

Not only do total strangers see all that good food being promoted by 20 or more people in the thread and outside it, but it has been known to happen that those doing the promoting upon seeing all that wonderful food must have some for themselves and give into temptation. The community atmosphere and longer-term working relationships the thread nurtures is fertile ground for buying within the group. And don't forget that all these people have family and friends who also might taste some of that heavenly stuff sooner or later and come knocking on your door for more. Twitter with it's short and sweet little soundbites gets you lots of views fast, while StumbleUpon allows your product to be reviewed in a more lengthy and more permanent way which trickles down to reach a number of viewers over the next few days and even weeks.

Wednesday - Blogging;
Hump day is when the group takes the opportunity to fill cyberspace with reminders of all the wonderful shops included in this collaborative effort sometimes directly with a feature of someone they admire including links and pictures, and sometimes indirectly posting about other things while links to the shops are visible in the blog's sidebar for viewers to browse while they read the topic being written about. It could be something pertaining to business, a tutorial, or a feature or it could even be about family, or anything for that matter. The list of links in the sidebar are doing their residual job, providing another path to your shop, and like they always say sometimes the way to somebody's heart really is through their stomach. You never know who might be eating Etsy-bought sweets or salties while they type away in their blog. And last but not least; if I buy from you or think what you have is especially just might find your items featured in my blog!

Mocha Latte Da - Espresso/Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Then everyone comments on each others' blogs and those comments draw more viewers, followers, and potential buyers whose curiosity eventually gets the best of them and they go clicking around to see what all is in these intrigueing shops.

Thursday - List an Item;
Thursday is the day when all are encouraged to list something in their shop to keep fresh content moving for Etsy search and Google. Once listed (or renewed) that item gets placed on another circulating list which gets promoted by tons of people who are in the thread, much as is done in the Tuesday Frenzy. As if blasted from a canyon via megaphone, your product gets prime airtime throughout the day in all timezones. Who wouldn't love that!

Friday - Create a Treasury;
A picture is worth a thousand words and food is a very visual thing! Think about it. When you see those TV commercials dripping with deep, dark chocolate doesn't it make you want some? You pick a theme and/or color and go off to investigate what treasures the Promotional Frenzy thread holds. It is always a little bit of a surprise because along with the most visible people lies some buried treasure. For others looking for great things to feature that treasure might be you and something yummy you've made. With the number of people participating chances are your shop will show up in several treasuries and although it's not a BNR you might still get sales as a result of all that repeat exposure.  Utilizing the various social networks and even other threads in the etsy forum, your business gets broadcasted far and wide. People might not take notice the first time they see you in a treasury but the 3rd 4th, and 5th time is likely to bring some results you can really sink your teeth into (no pun intended, hee, hee).
My Etsy Brunch - An array of food sellers' items

Saturday - Solo Frenzy;
Usually held at 9:00 PM, the Solo Frenzy is a time for one lucky member to shine for the day! Sellers come up for this honor in alphabetical order and as long as you are actively participating your time will come! Those who can't be there at 9:00 PM (or other designated time) will be promoting items from your shop at various times of the day. With all that food flying around the internet something's bound to stick, (and I don't mean noodles).

Sunday - OFF to Relax and Recoup;
After all that work you will want to put your feet up (if you can tear yourself away from all the packages that need to be packed up, then shipped the next morning, LOL). I'm kidding, but partially serious. That does tend to happen alot once you've been with Promotional Frenzy awhile. It's just one of those annoying little side-effects of all those reciprocal links being propogated on your shop, multiplying like bunnies.
Calliope AZ - Home Grown Tangerines

Kind of like "Death by Chocolate".
Pernillas Something Swedish - Peanut Butter Cups

Although this was written with food sellers in mind many of the same benefits apply to sellers in all categories.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Promotional Frenzy's BNR Treasury- Monday, January 24th, at 3:00 PM EST!

Watch it in real time!

See who buys in!
Join us, have fun, buy-in!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bounty of Beads-Selection, Selection, Selection!

Brass Link Chain 6x3 14 Feet Length

If you make jewelry and you're looking for a vast selection and great prices probably has some things you need.

In this Etsy store you'll find everything from acrylic to sterling silver!

I lucked out this past Monday and noticed that she just happened to have something I've had on my list to get that one of my regular suppliers was out of stock on; some copper washers in several different sizes. I bought every last lot she had for only around $15.00 and that will keep me stocked up on those for quite some time! I can hardly wait to get them and see what unique things I can make! I love copper.

As in the picture above she also carries brass for you brass die-hards who make the Vintaj style pieces of jewelry using filligree components and ephemeral and/or victorian type parts.

She carries Trinity Brass findings; (Click below to see her whole selection).

Trinity Brass Vintage Patina Lily Bracelet Link

One of her specialties is her hand-wrapped Dangle Charm Drops
(Click on the picture below to see her whole selection of those).

6 Piece Emerald Green Dangle Drops

The crisp color contrast between the gold-plated beadcaps and the faceted crystal in this particular lot really pops!

What she is selling in a nut-shell is convenience. When your time = money that is very important! With these pre-made handcrafted dangles jewelry artists can cut down on production time and spend more of that time on the overall design and less on such tedious things as wrapping hundreds of links!

I don't make designs with tons of dangles very often because my fingers will ache to the bone afterwards. I don't know how she does so many of these without killing her hands, so my hat is off to her that she does this to save time for other artists!

If you check her shop periodically you will find some great values such as these good-sized 12mm x 8mm x 5mm Faceted Oval Smokey Topaz Beads

10 Pc Oval Faceted Smokey Topaz Beads

10 of these are only $5.80 and the quality is quite fine; no inclusions that I can see with the naked eye, and nice precise facets.

I addition to the above items, she has some very cute glass seahorses in a variety of colors, pearls, a sterling Aligator charm, and other things (I don't want to tell you everything or it will ruin the surprises).

Friday, January 14, 2011

Promotional Frenzy's Art-Lovers BNR Treasury
Monday, January 17th

4:00 PM - 1:00 AM EST
Final Count: 43 Sales (29 Bought Out)!
Be Sure To Join Us Same Time Next Week.

If you're not a seasoned BNR buyer, don't worry, it's easy and anyone can play!

Here's how!


1) This is a Specialty BNR. We begin with 8 sellers with 2D art; 1 item each. The other 8 slots are left blank.

2) When the BNR is open please first request who you would like to buy from. Then wait for the OK before buying and posting the transaction link(s). Transaction links MUST be current items bought by you during this BNR.

The first 4 to claim and buy from a seller who has not been bought from yet will get 2 of the empty slots.

3) This round will have a $15.00 minimum buy-in. That can include more than one lower-priced piece which totals at least $15.00, one or more substantial pieces, or a mix of price-points which adds up to or exceeds the buy-in minimum.

4) Once all slots are filled it will revert to a regular BNR treasury (1 slot per 1 bought out), although please continue to show love to the 2D art sellers who've not yet sold if at all possible.

The $15.00 buy-in minimum applies for the duration.

Note: Please buy within 10 minutes of claiming your seller to insure your spot.

Browse the following featured shops ahead of time at your liesure and have something special picked out in time to buy-in, as the opprtunity to have 2 spots for 1 purchase is limited to the first 4 buyers! The early bird gets the worm!

The Monday Promotional Frenzy BNRs are the ones to save your money for! If you've been absent lately we hope you'll come back for this irresistable assortment of items! It is a shopping experience you won't want to miss!

And...if I buy from you in our BNR Treasury you just might end up featured in this blog!

I bought some peanut butter cups in last Monday's BNR from and they came in the mail today after I'd been snowed-in with no mail service for a week. Boy were they good! I usually take pictures of products before I open them, and after but I couldn't wait to take a bite of these!

Here's what they look like, but the pictures in her shop don't even show just how beautiful they are!
They have a bronze metallic surface where the heart impression is on the top of each.
Here are my photos of them!

And the taste and texture? It is to die for! Creamy with just the right amount of sugar; not too much nor too little. They're substantial enough to be satisfying but you don't feel sick with sweet overload after eating them like you do with some chocolate. I ate 3 right off the bat and had to stop myself so that I'd have some left for later!

The orange chocolate truffles and fudge I got as samples are good too, but these peanut butter cups are my favorite!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mayor Kasim Reed Denies Atlanta Was "Not Prepared"

The Atlanta area deep freeze continues and with it comes a bit of controversy. New Mayor Kasim Reed appeared on Fox 5 News last night to answer questions regarding the city's readiness to respond to the snow and ice on roads. At first I watched without much opinion one way or the other, but as I listened to the course of events leading up to the cryogenic suspension of business as we know it what I heard truly pissed me off!

It was revealed last night that the city only had 10 snow ploughs of its own, then Tuesday, on the fly, contracted with private companies responsible for de-icing the roads. That is why they took as long as they did to come in and start shoveling and ploughing; too little too late.

Reed's answer to why he didn't deploy the needed resources as soon as the forecast came in warning of just how serious this storm was predicted to be was that "I don't believe it's a responsible investment to ramp up for a snow event that happens only every 15 years".  That's his story and he seems to be sticking to it... Yeah, and my father's the Easter Bunny, LOL. Fantasies are fun sometimes, but ignorance isn't always bliss. Time to get real now.

Days after they were needed, 81 pieces of equipment are now being deployed. As of Tuesday 10 ploughs were increased to 21 pieces of equipment.

The Mayor's current plan is to contract for 40-60 pieces of equipment. One snow plough costs 1/2 Million dollars and Reed admits that to handle this storm 81 were needed "just to get our arms around" this storm. That does not inspire alot of confidence.

MARTA, Atlanta's public transportation system is still shut down except for the rail and a few regular bus routes, and its handicap service is "only transporting people who have medical emergencies" a representative in their dispatch department said this morning. When asked whether things would be back in operation tomorrow, the representative stated that it may not be, but that they can only speak for today, but just in case I rescheduled my trip to the Post Office yet again for the 3rd time this week!

Resources are being focused on the big roads and highways. Despite the relative clearing of those by the DOT, Highway 285 had 3 accidents today. The smaller streets are left to fend for themselves. Stone Mountain, where I live is made up of mostly smaller roads. I'm just hoping that transportation is back again before I start running out of necessities, and last night the news reported that many of the grocery stores were out of important items, as the delivery trucks were unable to get through. Gas stations are even running out of gas for those lucky enough to have a car. Lidded receptacles in the ground around the pumps where gas is normally put in by delivery trucks in many areas are iced shut and requires a jackhammer to open.

Things are expected to get a little better today but worse again tonight when the temperature goes down. Until the water evaporates the melting during daylight hours won't do much good.

I grew up in Baltimore where there was much more snow for most of the winter and I don't remember this happening there. Life went on, snow and ice notwithstanding.

In recent years Atlanta and its surrounding areas have had at least one bad snowstorm a year, so the Mayor's assessment that this only happens every 15 years doesn't really hold water. Granted this one is the worst we've had in awhile, but environmental changes have evolved to land us where we are today, and I think city and state officials should revise their idea that this happens only every 15 years and assume it will happen at some point every winter.

Fox 5 Interview with Kasim Reed:

Costs to businesses:

The cost to the city for this week alone is estimated to be as much as 2 million dollars.
The sun is out and I have some supplies to photograph while the light is good, unlike the above picture showing a dark and deserted street. a day or so ago My street is still deserted but alot brighter today.

Next on the agenda is some work on my beadwoven jewelry. I can't imagine this shutdown will last past the weekend, so by all means please keep ordering jewelry; it shouldn't be too much longer before I can ship;

and for jewelry supplies:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Giftbearer Lining Up New Items and Waiting Out the Snow

The way things have been snowed in here since Sunday night you'd think we lived in Alaska but it's only Georgia which rarely gets this type of snow for more than 1 day at a time. Carmella loves it, but so much for "not wind, or snow, nor dark of night"... (or something like that; I can't fully remember that quote).

The city has been pretty much on lockdown with GA. Dept. Of Transportation issuing travel advisories because of icy road conditions. A pregnant pause seems to hang in the cold winter air here.

I've finished my recent custom ordered Early Budding Vine bracelet, Aurora Borealis as of Sunday night and was on the phone for 15 minutes just to find out that public transportation (even that disability service I take) is only taking Dialysis patients, so I guess my plan to get to the Post Office today was wishful thinking.  I usually ship promptly, so I hope my customers will understand and that nobody will miss a gift-giving deadline or anything. I was also expecting to receive an Aquamarine cab this past Monday coming from a state in the Northeast. I'm getting a little nervous because no mail has even been coming to the house.

I rescheduled my trip to the local Post Office once again for tomorrow and will hope for the best. Hopefully things in the city and surrounding suburbs will be back to their normal operations by then. I also need to get a few things at the grocery store while I'm there. The shopping center with Post Office where I go to mail my packages also has a Publix in it, so I usually kill two birds with one stone when I have orders that need to go out.

Here are some pictures I took of bracelet #5 in the series. The only silver lining in my not having a way to get to the Post office and the lack of mail service the past several days is that I have had the opportunity to have it awhile longer and take some better pictures. Each day the lighting has been a little brighter, so maybe that's a sign that this ice on the roads will melt soon.
Aurora Borealis-Early Budding Vine Bracelet #5

Last night after the 9 PM Promotional Frenzy I checked my e-mail and found that one of the PMC websites was having a competition. The site sells supplies and tools and prizes include gift certificates for items they sell to artists, and to all applicants who submit 5 entries of different metal clay pieces they are giving away a free metal clay calendar compiled by Holly Gage (while they last)! One of my bracelets was featured in a prevous issue and the past year or so I had forgotten the deadline to submit my items for that, but when I had the calender it was one of my favorites of any calender I've had on my wall. The variety of things people do with this medium is always inspiring and I never tire of looking at them.

I've been adjusting my descriptions today on these to freshen up the content for Google and Etsy searches, then Tweeting, as I want to continue to sell these while the iron is hot!

If I can sell one or two more (the last earnings had to go toward bills) just maybe then I will have enough money to buy the kiln I've been wanting! I have big plans for all kinds of cool hollowforms with fire-in-place settings that I can't do on my gas stove. I just love all things 3D, and I have new designs just waiting for the right equipment to make them manifest.

If you love the Early Budding Vine bracelets you haven't seen anything yet!

Right now I've got some beadwoven pieces in the works and need to finish those up while I'm stuck inside. With the holiday preparations and the custom order I had to put several of those on the back burner for awhile.

I've also got some soldered mealwork pieces in-progress that need to be completed, photographed and listed, and more soldered ones planned, especially big bezeled ones that I have in short supply at the present time.

There are a few new supplies to photograph and list too.

The Monday BNR Treasury has kept me very busy, especially the roll-out for the new Specialty BNR format. We are alternating one week a regular general medium BNR, then the other week, a specialty one. Next week's will be featuring 2D art, focusing on Fine Art; drawing, painting, and photography.

After the holidays it seems that everybody under the sun on Etsy has started doing BNR Treasuries on the same day as ours, and that has impacted Promotional Frenzy's number of sales, but considering that handicap I thnk the increased buy-in price (increased from $3.50 to $8.00 for the general BNR, and increased from $3.50 - $15.00 for the Specialty BNR) has been successful and most buyers are adapting well. I look forward to seeing what thread members reap from this in the future as we continue to break new ground and challenge long-held BNR stereotypes. Can higher-priced things sell in a BNR setting? I believe they can! We are only limited by the parameters of our own imagination, and my recent custom order is evidence that higher-priced things can and are selling on Etsy! One can have fun without sacrificing profit and making a living wage. The two need not be mutually exclusive. I am really intrigued and excited about this prospect and the opportunity to test out this theory.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Valentine's Day is Coming Sooner Than You Think!
Be Ready for that special day
You never know what unique goodies you're going to find in the Promotional Frenzy BNR Treasury!
This coming Monday, January 10th from 4:00 PM - 1:00 AM EST we have some special treats for you!

I got it made a few days early during our thread's Treasury Day and now all you shoppers have 2 1/2 days to go window shopping in some fascinating Etsy shops to pick out something at your liesure in advance of our opening.

I have left the link visible rather than just putting a list of links in my blog as I have done in the past.

The above bowl of anatomical hearts is brought to you by bubblegenius, a bath and body shop with some avante garde products you would never imagine.

Here's the link to the upcoming BNR;

Feel The Love;

Please click, comment, and take some time looking at all the exciting things offered. Then bring your shopping list on Monday and jump right in. Your sweety will appreciate that you went out of your way to get her something she'll love, or if you are the one to receive a gift this Valentine's day be sure to send your hubby or significant other over there and let them know what you like from these sellers.

If you're a buyer only and don't have an Etsy shop you can play too! Just let us know and if you would like to pick a replacement shop from your favorites that can fill the spot of the person you're buying from.

Last week's jewelry specific BNR went well. Almost all the featured jewelry sellers got bought out and because this was the first of it's kind we didn't see high volume sales like has been typical in most of our BNRs but I believe it's only a matter of time before the buying public gets used to buying higher priced things through BNRs.

We will alternate from week to week; doing a regular BNR with a mix of different categories, and then do a specialty one. There are more categories I want to work on and we will eventually do these more than once to build up a market for each over time.

You never know, this might become the next shopping craze of the future!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Promotional Frenzy Presents; Jewelry-lovers BNR Treasury



Copper Necklace Agate Keshi Pearl
This Monday's BNR is a special one. We are trying something new this time to increase the average pricepoint in BNRs and to promote jewelry (which is one of the most difficult items to sell on Etsy).

This is how it works;

1) First we will have 8 jewelry sellers with 1 item each in the BNR. The other 8 slots are left blank.

2) The first 4 people to buy from one of those sellers will get 2 slots each. (These first 4 buyers do not replace the sellers they buy from, but instead take two of the empty slots).

3) This round will have a $15.00 minimum buy-in. That can include more than one lower-priced piece which totals at least $15.00, one or more substantial pieces, or a mix of price-points which adds up to or exceeds the buy-in minimum.

4) Once all slots are filled it will revert to a regular BNR treasury (1 slot per 1 bought out), although we encourage people to continue to show love to the remaining jewelry sellers if at all possible. Think of anybody you know who would love to receive jewelry or buy something special for yourself that maybe you've been eyeing for awhile but have yet to purchase.

This way we encourage buyers to buy thoughtful things they really like; not just the least expensive item to get into the treasury.

Posted below are the 8 shop links so that you can have time before opening to look through the shops at your liesure and choose something special without having to rush through them during the excitement of the BNR when it goes live.


The link to the BNR Treasury link ; Go here!
Be sure to visit the Promotional Frenzy thread on Etsy for more information about all of our activities. Read the first page and visit the links to read all the details about how to get involved with the group.