Saturday, January 08, 2011

Valentine's Day is Coming Sooner Than You Think!
Be Ready for that special day
You never know what unique goodies you're going to find in the Promotional Frenzy BNR Treasury!
This coming Monday, January 10th from 4:00 PM - 1:00 AM EST we have some special treats for you!

I got it made a few days early during our thread's Treasury Day and now all you shoppers have 2 1/2 days to go window shopping in some fascinating Etsy shops to pick out something at your liesure in advance of our opening.

I have left the link visible rather than just putting a list of links in my blog as I have done in the past.

The above bowl of anatomical hearts is brought to you by bubblegenius, a bath and body shop with some avante garde products you would never imagine.

Here's the link to the upcoming BNR;

Feel The Love;

Please click, comment, and take some time looking at all the exciting things offered. Then bring your shopping list on Monday and jump right in. Your sweety will appreciate that you went out of your way to get her something she'll love, or if you are the one to receive a gift this Valentine's day be sure to send your hubby or significant other over there and let them know what you like from these sellers.

If you're a buyer only and don't have an Etsy shop you can play too! Just let us know and if you would like to pick a replacement shop from your favorites that can fill the spot of the person you're buying from.

Last week's jewelry specific BNR went well. Almost all the featured jewelry sellers got bought out and because this was the first of it's kind we didn't see high volume sales like has been typical in most of our BNRs but I believe it's only a matter of time before the buying public gets used to buying higher priced things through BNRs.

We will alternate from week to week; doing a regular BNR with a mix of different categories, and then do a specialty one. There are more categories I want to work on and we will eventually do these more than once to build up a market for each over time.

You never know, this might become the next shopping craze of the future!


Jill Q said...

The new BNR looks great!

bagsofblessing said...

Can't wait for the BNR to open! Great blog post, as always!

Jenna said...

The anatomical heart soap is funny!
I love how the soap looks a bit waxy. That quality makes the hearts look even more like they were ... harvested..... it's teh best mix of creepy and beautiful ever!