Sunday, January 02, 2011

Promotional Frenzy Presents; Jewelry-lovers BNR Treasury



Copper Necklace Agate Keshi Pearl
This Monday's BNR is a special one. We are trying something new this time to increase the average pricepoint in BNRs and to promote jewelry (which is one of the most difficult items to sell on Etsy).

This is how it works;

1) First we will have 8 jewelry sellers with 1 item each in the BNR. The other 8 slots are left blank.

2) The first 4 people to buy from one of those sellers will get 2 slots each. (These first 4 buyers do not replace the sellers they buy from, but instead take two of the empty slots).

3) This round will have a $15.00 minimum buy-in. That can include more than one lower-priced piece which totals at least $15.00, one or more substantial pieces, or a mix of price-points which adds up to or exceeds the buy-in minimum.

4) Once all slots are filled it will revert to a regular BNR treasury (1 slot per 1 bought out), although we encourage people to continue to show love to the remaining jewelry sellers if at all possible. Think of anybody you know who would love to receive jewelry or buy something special for yourself that maybe you've been eyeing for awhile but have yet to purchase.

This way we encourage buyers to buy thoughtful things they really like; not just the least expensive item to get into the treasury.

Posted below are the 8 shop links so that you can have time before opening to look through the shops at your liesure and choose something special without having to rush through them during the excitement of the BNR when it goes live.


The link to the BNR Treasury link ; Go here!
Be sure to visit the Promotional Frenzy thread on Etsy for more information about all of our activities. Read the first page and visit the links to read all the details about how to get involved with the group.

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