Friday, January 14, 2011

Promotional Frenzy's Art-Lovers BNR Treasury
Monday, January 17th

4:00 PM - 1:00 AM EST
Final Count: 43 Sales (29 Bought Out)!
Be Sure To Join Us Same Time Next Week.

If you're not a seasoned BNR buyer, don't worry, it's easy and anyone can play!

Here's how!


1) This is a Specialty BNR. We begin with 8 sellers with 2D art; 1 item each. The other 8 slots are left blank.

2) When the BNR is open please first request who you would like to buy from. Then wait for the OK before buying and posting the transaction link(s). Transaction links MUST be current items bought by you during this BNR.

The first 4 to claim and buy from a seller who has not been bought from yet will get 2 of the empty slots.

3) This round will have a $15.00 minimum buy-in. That can include more than one lower-priced piece which totals at least $15.00, one or more substantial pieces, or a mix of price-points which adds up to or exceeds the buy-in minimum.

4) Once all slots are filled it will revert to a regular BNR treasury (1 slot per 1 bought out), although please continue to show love to the 2D art sellers who've not yet sold if at all possible.

The $15.00 buy-in minimum applies for the duration.

Note: Please buy within 10 minutes of claiming your seller to insure your spot.

Browse the following featured shops ahead of time at your liesure and have something special picked out in time to buy-in, as the opprtunity to have 2 spots for 1 purchase is limited to the first 4 buyers! The early bird gets the worm!

The Monday Promotional Frenzy BNRs are the ones to save your money for! If you've been absent lately we hope you'll come back for this irresistable assortment of items! It is a shopping experience you won't want to miss!

And...if I buy from you in our BNR Treasury you just might end up featured in this blog!

I bought some peanut butter cups in last Monday's BNR from and they came in the mail today after I'd been snowed-in with no mail service for a week. Boy were they good! I usually take pictures of products before I open them, and after but I couldn't wait to take a bite of these!

Here's what they look like, but the pictures in her shop don't even show just how beautiful they are!
They have a bronze metallic surface where the heart impression is on the top of each.
Here are my photos of them!

And the taste and texture? It is to die for! Creamy with just the right amount of sugar; not too much nor too little. They're substantial enough to be satisfying but you don't feel sick with sweet overload after eating them like you do with some chocolate. I ate 3 right off the bat and had to stop myself so that I'd have some left for later!

The orange chocolate truffles and fudge I got as samples are good too, but these peanut butter cups are my favorite!

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