Friday, March 24, 2006

Dr. Phil, Another Opportunity for A Shameless Etsy Plug

I watched Dr. Phil today and he had several women entrepreneurs on his show. The topic was that they had a dream to sell something in their own business and their husbands weren't too sure they were being realistic.

I was very happy to see that instead of shooting these women down, Dr. Phil had two experts on the show who had written a book about opportunities in this area of interest for stay-at-home moms to get a business off the ground.

He had them do focus groups on the viability of these ideas and the result was encouraging.

He also showed footage of several woman entrepreneurs who had appeared on his show in the past who now were making big money.

I never would have thought of him as a possible person to pitch my wares to or that he would be particularly into grass-roots Etsy type stuff, but this is good to know.

Dr. Phil might be a possible talk show host to include in a next round of gift baskets.

I signed up on his site and posted something on his messagebord describing Etsy and why this is a good option for stay-at-home moms and people who otherwise cannot work a regular job.

He had suggested one woman sell her huge inventory on Ebay, so I thought to myself, he could be plugging Etsy one of these days like that as well.

If any of you would like to post on his messageboard or contact him, his web address is

I also said that if he was reading my message that it would be great if he would do a segment about etsy, as there are alot of undiscovered artists here who should be discovered.

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