Sunday, December 24, 2006

Featured Artist- Kelliope NYC

I just bought the most beautiful custom-made Dupioni Silk handbag for a friend of mine, so decided to make its creator the first featured artist in Art Life Newsblog.

Kelli Denise Coaxum of Kelliope Handmade NYC is a designer I met on Etsy who makes handbags, apparel, and jewelry. Her style is influenced by Coco Chanel, her love of travel, art, and the history of dress. A tiny New York apartment in the Bronx serves as studio from which Kelli conceptualizes, designs, sews, assembles, and ships all of her original work.

I can personally attest to the impeccable workmanship put into her handbags, as the one I purchased shows smooth, perfect seams, holds its shape well, all the zippers match the color perfectly, and the zipper at the top is nicely concealed when closed, giving it a highly professional and polished look. Inside are a number of different pockets to hold keys, notepad, cellphone, checkbook, wallet, and other items, and the purse is lined in bright cheerful yellow chintz. The Silk Dupioni fabric on the outside is a shimmery two-toned blue-green with one thread color for the warp, and the other for the weft.

The friend who will be getting this bag for Christmas is a nurse in a corporate position who often works 14 hours a day and enjoys the finer things in life but doesn't have much time to shop. She was once married to a millionaire and although she makes a good salary now she is not living as luxury a lifestly as she once did, and misses the time when money was no object. I know she will be thrilled when she receives this handbag! It's luxurious and highly functional at the same time; perfect for the professional woman always on the go.

Working with Kelli throughout the design process was a joy; she sent me drawings of the design, made to my specifications, helped locate the fabrics I wanted, and was as excited as I was through each phase of this project.

The finished product cost $75.00 (shipping included), and it was well worth it. When I opened the box the other day and pulled it out I wished I had ordered one for myself. I have been carrying around this brown backpack for about 5 or 6 years and have rarely carried a purse in my lifetime, but I love this one!
See more upscale designs of Kelliope Handmade NYC at:

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Kelliope said...

Hi Pippit, thank you so much for the glowing review! I'm blushing. Honestly, I am so glad that you are pleased with my work. That means the world to me. And thank you for the challenge of creating such a glorious bag. It was a long process, 4 months from concept to creation, but the end result is well worth it. I hope your friend enjoys her gift. She sounds as though she is very deserving of it. If she doesn't like it, I'd be happy to have it back. I own some designer bags, but nothing as decadent as dupioni silk.