Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let Me Hook You Up!
Is it an earring or am earwire? It's both! These are hot off my workbench from a wild inspiration that came to me in the middle of the night. I have been wracking my brain for quite some time to come up with a repeatable design that is both elegant and doesn't take days or weeks (as many of my other designs often do), and voila! Here it is! These are made of one continuous piece of Argentium Sterling Silver wire that is shaped into an earring hook at the top. Their cutting-edge design provides a special safety feature to prevent them from falling off, as they are work-hardened springy so that the ends touch the bead in the back, creating a clamping tension that allows the wearer to slip them on and keep them on until they voluntarily take them off. These earrings eliminate the hassle often associated with most earrings that have several parts which can come loose. Since these only have the one piece of wire and the bead, there is less that can potentially go wrong or become disconnected. Their compact construction makes them easy and comfortable to wear, and because they are made of wire they have the added benefit of being light-weight relative to their size.
Saturn Spiral earrings are easily customizable and their shorter turnaround time makes them great to sell in larger quantity to stores and galleries as well, while maintaining their handmade charm.

If you would like a pair (or would like this pair) please contact me. I can use many kinds of stone beads for the center, and they need not be round. Order a few for gifts for your friends and family over the holidays. At $30.00 using a 9-10mm center bead, these are a really good value. Let me know if you have something special in mind, and I can "hook you up". This particular pair is available now in my Etsy online store.

(All Giftbearer designs are copyrighted)

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