Friday, February 08, 2008

Potions from Exotic Places

ZAJA Dead Sea Mud Foaming Face and Body Scrub - $6.95
Exfoliant scrub created with pure handmade cream soap, genuine Dead Sea mud, camelina meal, strawberry seeds, grapeseeds, jojoba oil, pure cane sugar, Dead Sea clay and rhassoul clay, chock full of minerals.

Aromaticbodyoils is an Etsy shop that lists its location only as but from the look of it’s products one can tell that they are truly handmade in the real sense of the word!

The shop’s owner makes;

Whipped Shea Butters
Cold Processed Handmade Soaps
Hot Processed Body Washes
Body Butters
Perfumes and Colognes
Quite industrious, this woman is 24 years old, married with 2 young children, a senior in college, but still finds time to sell her bath and body products on 6 different web venues! A minimum of 100 packages a week are shipped to customers. By her own admission she is “addicted to smelling good” and that’s why she provides so many fragrances, and I guess others must be addicted to smelling good too!

She takes pride in her items, but believes in recycling, so you won’t see any pretty packaging here. It’s what’s inside that really counts, and apparently customers keep buying, so that tells you it must work!

One of her unique products is Charcoal Soap. This is the first time I have heard of soap of this type. This set of soap bars that look like blueberry brie cheese has a long name and an even longer list of ingredients which are all natural, and is supposed to be good for a whole variety of skin conditions. It would make a nice Valentine’s Day gift to that special someone who loves to luxuriate. These products almost look edible, and they have some of the most unusual ingredients!

Charcoal Rhassoul Dead Sea Clay Shea and Chamomile Face and Body Soap Bar (tm) - FULL Log of 12 Bars - $50.00
Each bar weighs about 3.5 to 4 oz. Shape of bar may vary from picture from batch to batch!
Each bar is made of saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and 40% Shea Butter, along with other skin nourishing oils and herbs. Made with the cold process method of soap-making, each bar retains all of its naturally created glycerin. Natural handmade soap, 100% vegan.

And for natural skin regeneration there is Squalane Serum, a derivative of olive oil.

Pure Fitoderm Squalane Serum 1/2 Oz Natures Natural Facelift Perfect For Normal Skin- Acne Prone Skin - Rosacea - Dermatitis - Eczema - Wrinkles - Stretch Marks - $8.95
Apply 3-5 drops to your face and throat twice daily for ideal moisture. Moisturizes and repairs skin and is a natural antibiotic.

To see more of this great line of bath and body products go to;

Check out her blog to learn more about this proprietor’s activities;

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