Thursday, April 10, 2008

Designs That Dazzle You Like A Live Wire!

Green Fortune – $129.00
Wire-wrapped earrings with Sterling silver, Peridot roundels, and faceted Lemon Smoky Quartz heart briolettes

Katrin Lerman of Katrin Lerman Jewelry is originally from Germany and currently lives in Framingham, Massachusetts where she designs and makes intricate jewelry in the Eni Oken style of wire-wrapping. Her pieces curl and curve majestically; larger gauge sterling wire frames with many feet of smaller gauge wire coiled around them, interspersed with gemstone beads to create the look of luxury. Some also incorporate tiny sterling beads to add texture to the overall design.

Katrin Lerman graduated from the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University in Boston with a Degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design. She says that the same principles she learned there, color, form, and texture, are the ones she uses in her jewelry.

She keeps a sketchbook handy to jot down her design ideas and describes her process as two-pronged in that creative ideas either come into her mind as snapshots of finished jewelry, or in bits and pieces that are fleshed-out and revised over time.

The above chandelier style earrings are some of the artist’s best work, with the look of East Indian or Turkish silver.

In Fanciful the artist has an interesting use of the negative space with a central frame and two mirror-imaged curls of sterling wire, and three faceted Citrine surrounded by frames around the bottom, creating a scalloped edge.

Fanciful Necklace - $129.00
Sterling silver 17” chain with pendant of sterling and faceted round Citrine beads

This piece reminds me of a bumble bee with what looks like wings around a body of Chalcedony.

Lemon Drop - $79.00
Pendant 1 3/4” long and 1 ¼” wide with Silver Necklace and Faceted Perrot Chalcedony Briolette on a Sterling Silver 16” or 18” chain with hand created eye and hook claps complements the pendant.

Each of Katrin’s creations in one of a kind, and she will gladly accept custom orders.

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