Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Name That Crud!
Yes, here it is folks! The creeping crud I spoke of in my last entry. I don't know what it is but it's definitely something because it's a little worse than before. I took some pictures. Maybe someone has seen it before.

I just know I'm going to have to take her to the vet again. I hope it's something simple and inexpensive to treat and not mange.

I heard back tonight from a woman who is going to put in a custom order and it's not a moment too soon because I'm still trying to pay off Carmella's vet bill. I had hoped I would sell one of my Budding Vine bracelets or the bud with black opal in it also this month, but this is a start after a very long dry spell on Etsy. I hope there are more sales to come.

If you look at my Etsy Mini you'll see a few new pieces just listed tonight with those glitzy stones that are so popular right now; Lemon Quartz, Beer Quartz, and Blue Topaz. These have impeccable faceting! I bet you know someone who would like one of these under their tree on Christmas morning.

A few days ago I posted on Martha Stewart's blog. She had a video of her two French Bulldogs playing in her back yard, so I told her Carmella's story and invted her to read my blog. I've been watching her show almost every day lately. She has had some great cookie ideas for the holidays, and seems to be featuring more and more Etsy sellers.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Brea Grant's stylist regarding a custom Rainstick Necklace for her. Apparently she contacted SmashingDarling's owner asking for designers to feature on their blog and for Brea to wear on the red carpet. I could really use a big break like that right about now.

Check out Carmella on the Carmella-cam right now. She's being super cute!



Cocoa Bean said...

I know this comment is in a random place but I didn't know where else to put it lol. But glad ya like the banner :-D . Oh, and as far as videos, you can go to make a post as you normally would and right there above the text box is a little icon to include pictures and/vids on the body of the blog. Click the one that looks like film I believe. Then just upload the video from your desktop. I also sync my youtube with my blog sometimes as well,but that is a bit more difficult to explain, but if you would like to know about that as well, just let me know and I will tell you. Hope this helps.

Giftbearer said...


Thanks, I have also wondered how to put stuff on youtube. I think that would be a great way to promote. Carmella is so funny I bet I could put some good ones on there.

Do you see where I have the Carmella-cam set up in my sidebar? How do I put that streaming video monitoring in my sidebar so that there's the window showing her all the time without people having to click on it?

Ida said...

such a beautiful dog! Merry christmas!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Glad she is doing better but the crud is mysterious.Might trt shaving the area cleaning it good and put either triple antibiotic or vitamln E on.
Your new is lovely.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Not sure what the crud is, but hope it is not anything serious.

Thank you for visiting my blog and kind words about my art. I keep you and Carmella in my prayers always:):)

TheresaJ said...

Sorry, can't help you with the crud, but I am happy to see Carmela looking so happy and playful.

Wishing you ver happy holidays and a fabulous new year.

- Theresa

blackfeatherfarm said...

HHmmm, a flea allergy comes to mind because of the dark particles. Put a little peroxide on, to see if it quickly dissolves them. A yeast infection would be my next guess, but it has more symtoms that would be showing. I know it is winter, but fleas can be harbored in the house, although your flooring is a benefit to not have them.

Giftbearer said...

I'll try the peroxide and see if that gets rid of the particles, but she's on flea drops year round just in case.

When I did a Google search I found some photos and it sure looks like some sort of mange.

I'm taking her to the vet on Saturday. Now she has a raw red area near the entrance to her ear. Whatever it is seems to be spreading.

Christy said...

I'd be inclined to say yeasty buildup as well or maybe a flea allergy. I'd think the yeast is related to some sort of food/contact allergy.

...I used to be a vet tech and these things make me curious. :)

By the way thanks for entering my little critter contest. Your dog is AWESOME! She reminds me of a Pharoah Hound or an Ibizan Hound. :)