Saturday, May 23, 2009

Distemper Cure- Get the most up-to-date information

To see evidence look at pictures of my dog Carmella after she received Dr. Alson W. Sears' treatment (Newcastle Virus Vaccine) in both body and CNS.

Notice her paw pads are fully healed in only two weeks after IV injection. The last headshot in this album was taken after she had the procedure to inject NDV into her spinal canal. (Note the dramatic increase in muscle-tone afterwards; even in her ears);

You can print the full two-part protocol and give it to your vet. Find it here:

Find more successfully treated dogs and their owners in this Facebook Group:

I'm away house-sitting this week and don't have access to my own computer but will be posting more great news and of course more cute pictures later today or tomorrow when I get home!

Stay tuned! More dogs have been saved since my last posting!

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