Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On The Bench-The Effects of the Economy on an Artist
I don't have access to my pictures and cannot list anythng on etsy now because yesterday my computer started to turn on and then promptly turned off. This is a disaster right before the holidays and at a time when I'm trying to get expenses paid down.
On top of all of this I have not been feeling well but have just been trying to get over this hump, thinking things would be better tomorrow. I guess I was wrong about that.
Now I'm going to have to figure out a way to pay to get my computer fixed and hope that it's not way above my head. This laptop is not completely set up to do all that my desktop was doing. It doesn't have micosoft Word and will probably have to have some software loaded on it so that I can put photos on it.
I may have to just get this set up as the main one. The problem still remains to be no money.
I'm going to have to pull back on all my activities until this is solved. Paying down Carmella's vet bill and getting this fixed will have to take precedence.
This is about all I can stand. Not a thing has sold in my Etsy shops for over a month, I have to keep changing my plans, and my entire life has come to a grinding halt.
Last night I started a necklace. I don't know that it was because I was inspired to do it but just because there's nothing else I can do. I find it ironic because it is going to be quite elaborate but what's the point because I can't list it and people won't even buy my $8.50 earrings, so I must be out of my mind to think they'd buy that piece. I don't really. It's just my nature to keep putting one foot in front of the other even as tears are streaming down my face because I see no solution anywhere on the horizon. Even so, I am wearing out fast.
I can't even sell my hair until I have somewhere to upload pictures.
I'm sure that other artists are going through similar upheavels but too much of this for too long can't be good for a person.


Ren said...

Every artist I know has been going through this--and for those of us, like you, who make a living off of it, we all felt the recession long before they officially declared it. To top it all off, it seems like everything has to break, get ruined, or get stolen right when we artists need the biggest break. I hear you!

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