Monday, August 09, 2010

30 Minutes of Fame-Special Buy And Replace Treasury
Get Something Bright and Shiny for You or Someone Special and Stimulate The Economy!

Read all about it here in the Etsy shop specially designed for this purpose;

For those of you who don't know what Buy and Replace is, here's how it works;
just buy from one of the 16 featured shops, (and if you have an etsy shop) one of your items will then replace the shop you bought from! This is a great promotional tool, and has great potential to generate sales for many sellers throughout the day, so please consider shopping, clicking on the shops featured, and leaving comments in the area below the exhibited items!

(Re-posted from special etsy shop)
This is the base for our thread, 30 minutes of fame:

We are starting a BNR treasury Monday the 9th.

All the details can be found here.

Moderators for the BNR (etsy/est times): - 730am - 9am - 9am- 12pm - 12pm - 4pm - 4pm - 7pm - off and on all day, 7pm until 1am.

This BNR will close at 1am Tuesday morning, and re-open Tuesday morning at 7am - 7am - 10am - 10am - 2pm - 2pm on.

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