Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

and so has this new Vertical Budding Vine Necklace! I elaborated on my usual by adding some new features this time; hand-forged sterling silver leaves soldered onto wires which are then wrapped lovingly around the main fine silver stalk which is made from a real vine, and get this! This one has a little copper flower on it with a sterling silver stamen! This new piece is bursting with color and texture and it brings 3D to a whole new level. You feel like you're in the woods right now with your face a few inches away from a vine with all its lush foliage as it just begins to bloom! This is a necklace you can look at for hours with all it's details! But don't just look at it. It's fun to wear too! Be the envy of all your friends and even people you haven't met might just ask you where you got it!

And what is Spring without the "birds and the bees", well in this case it was two Luna Moths mating!
These guys were right outside my back door yesterday when I went out to take some pictures for my Etsy shops. Now how often do you get to see that! Since Luna Moths are generally very introverted creatures and don't show themselves often I would guess it's not very frequently!

I'm usually lucky if I see one each Spring but this year I've been lucky enough to see several; these two, an immature one a few days before that, and another full grown one about a month ago.

It must be a good omen of easier times ahead. Luna Moths are probably one of the gentlest animals I can think of. There is something about their spirit that reminds me of a dove and I've never really thought of them as insects. They seem more substantial, deeper, and higher-thinking. I've had them climb right onto my hand and look at me on several occasions. They don't seem to be at all afraid, just curious.

I've got lots of cool jewelry in the works and will be doing more things with leaves and flowers.

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Gorgeous work on the necklace! I love the details. Those Luna Moths are amazing. I have not seen my in my part. Our moths tend to be dull in appearance. ~Val