Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dog Brings Possom Into The House
My dog, Carmella is the ultimate exterminator. She catches squirrels, bugs, birds, and tonight when I let her outside in the backyard and left the door open for a few minutes I heard her come in and go back out again. I decided to go back and close the door because it was getting cold in the house. The light in that room was off but I saw something on the floor that looked at first like a towel. Thinking that Carmella had taken something out of the laundry hamper I turned on the light and walked over to pick it up when I saw that it was not a towel at all but instead it had a snout, eyes, ears, and a tail! Upon close inspection I saw that it was a Possom. Its tail had a bit of blood on it and so I looked carefully to see if it was dead or just pretending to be.

It was breathing, so I knew it must be playing dead, and as I stood there a little while its eyes began to follow me and it moved its ears slightly. This is the second one Carmella has caught and tried to bring me. There was another about one year ago that she'd dropped on the back porch.

Tomorrow I finally have someone coming to address the squirrels in my sophets that have been chewing ravenously at the wood interior, so I guess this is the best time to have found this Possom. Maybe he can take it to a rehabber on his way out tomorrow and it can be re-located somewhere way out in the country.

I scooped it into Carmella's old carrier that she's grown out of, keeping my hands far away from its mouth and closed the latch on the gate as quickly as possible. It looked at me warily, opening its mouth slightly. It has a set of needle-sharp teeth, so I didn't want to leave it outside where Carmella or another dog or person could potentially get bitten, or for it to make its nest and start breeding in my attic.

It will be interesting to see what shows up over the next few days when the Atlanta Squirrel Removal company starts their trapping. I wonder whether I got the only one tonight or whether there are more Possoms in or around the house in hiding.


Selena Slough said...

Your dog Carmela is a really great exterminator! In fact, she’s a big help to preventing rodents such as squirrel, mice and even possums, from invading your home. Rabies carried by rodents isn’t really that dangerous, but caution should still be exercised. They are also known as “Destroyers” since they chew the wood that serves as framework of our house.

Selena Slough

Mirta Lu said...

Carmella makes a really good guard dog. :) She knows who – ‘which’ would probably be more appropriate in this case – not to allow inside. I’m relieved though that he’d been gentle enough not to kill the possum. I can’t take seeing a bloody critter in my house. That’s why I opt for the more humane ways of keeping them away, if not total riddance. What happened to the squirrels, by the way? Mirta Lu

Giftbearer said...

Thanks for your comments! The holes have been blocked so that the squirrels can't get in now. Occasionally a crazy one starts squealing in the back or front yard but luckily no more have tried to attack me.

Carmella has the strength of a dog 2 or 3 times her size and you're right, she really does make a good guard dog!