Saturday, November 10, 2012

A GiftbearerSupply Customer Helps The Sudan With Quartz Crystals and Jewelry Rich in Spirit


Gentry Gorg from Hawaaii set out in search of just the right crystals for a special piece of jewelry he had in mind and got so inspired by all the possibilities he ordered several of these natural drilled beauties from my Etsy supply shop GiftbearerSupply and made two wonderful amulet necklaces with them! His style is a fusion between New Age and Tribal Boho, and is inspired by nature. If these pieces inspire you just imagine all the unique uses for these natural drilled Quartz crystals. There is just something enchanting about a piece of stone that comes out of the ground with such a pretty shape and clarity, and to be awed by the fact that man did not create it; nature did! This raw magnificence is a large part of these natural stones' appeal and why they are so sought-after by makers of jewelry who seek to tame them only in as much as they will fit into a piece of wearable art that honors and celebrates that either by chance or by grand design they appeared here on our wonderous planet serendipitously for us to find and enjoy.
Gentry built his own website Designs by Gentry where he sells the necklaces shown above and others, and is also donating some of the proceeds of his sales to a human service organization called Water for South Sudan 
It's great to know that supplies from my shop are being used to create such cool designer jewelry, and to know that the finished product is doing double-duty to help those in need.
I always find the backstory behind my customers and their creations interesting.
If you create something with supplies from my shop send me pictures and any other information you think might be of interest to readers and you might be the next to be featured on my blog. Send me the link to where you sell your work either on Etsy or a free-standing website and lets do some cross promotion in preparation for the upcoming holiday gift season.

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