Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Win A Rainstick Necklace From Giftbearer!

The old adage "Time Is Money" is often true, and if you've ever wanted a Rainstick Necklace but just couldn't come up with the $265.00 in cash or credit to make the purchase here is your chance to obtain one just by putting in some time and ingenuity!

If you pride yourself on your marketing prowess or would just like to challenge yourself and give this a shot then here is how;

Rules For Rainstick Necklace Giveaway

1) Participants (referrers) must first PM me their full name and email address via either Youtube or Etsy.

2) Send buyers to Instruct them to include your full name in buyer's note upon checkout to let me know you were the one who referred them. (I'll be keeping a tally of how much money each referrer brings me).

3) The goal is $2,000. Once this promotion brings in or exceeds $2,000, the one who has brought in the highest total dollar amount through their referrals will win their choice of Rainstick Necklace from those available at that time in my Etsy store. I'll then do another Youtube video and blog post at announcing the winner.

4) To be eligible to win you must be subscribed to my Youtube channel . Make sure your email settings are set to receive all updates so you won't miss it!

5) Winner will be emailed and must provide a reliable mailing address and make selection of chosen Rainstick Necklace from my Etsy shop within 7 days to receive prize.

6) In the event the winner doesn't complete the process required, on the 8th day the next highest dollar amount referrer will be emailed of winning and will have 7 days to do the same.

7) Contest open to US and Canada residents only.

Watch the video here ---> 

To purchase jewelry go to:

Music: "Rattlesnake"
by Greg Reiter

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Krysthle Poitras said...

Great giveaway! Best of luck!

xox krys