Thursday, April 02, 2015

Chronic Disease Strikes Again - Part 2

While waiting for oxygen to be approved by Medicare I am taking the necessary steps to get back on the Marshall Protocol. There have been a few changes to it in the past 10 years I've been away, most notably that the antibiotics are no longer necessary. Trevor Marshall (the originator) has found out that Benicar (Olmesartan Medoxomil) does quite well in addressing the underlying pathogens on its own. (For those who don't know how this works in the treatment of autoimmune disease be sure to read this .

10 years ago when I had to go off the medication the out of pocket cost was $120/month. I checked with local pharmacies; CVS and Walmart and was shocked to discover the price had skyrocketed to around $1400 for a one month's supply at MP dosage (a 40 Mg. pill every 4-6 hours).

Back on the Marshall Protocol study site I found that almost everyone except those with the best insurance coverage were getting theirs from Canada in generic form.

Americans can order a 3 month's supply without raising any eyebrows with customs. I just received the prescription from my doctor today and am getting ready to fax it.

I had to order it on a credit card although it's much less expensive from Canada than it is anywhere in America, so I am doing this on faith that I'll make that money back through sales or whatnot. On my very low income it was a big expense. The generic I'll be getting is made in India.

I just found out my application to Prescription Hope was accepted. This is an organization that will advocate on behalf of the patient to get medication donated from the manufacturer. They charge for the advocacy only and it's  $24.00 a month. for each medication ordered. It still remains to be seen whether the maker of Benicar, Sankyo will release the full dosage I need, as in the past they've only allowed people to have 1 pill a day; the dosage used to treat high blood pressure. If the manufacturer doesn't agree to the full 6 pills a day I may still need to order from Canada when I need the next refill.

I am trying to find a representative to market some of my jewelry to shops in the Southwest to get it moving faster. Etsy alone is just not cutting it. So far I have been unsuccessful at finding one but am still looking.
I'd like to find a good market for the beadwork, especially. Since my medical out of pocket expenses are going up I really need to be bringing in more money on a regular basis.

Recently I purchased Kindle Publishing Pro software to write a book with. I had the first chapter written when I discovered a bunch of files on my computer were corrupted and one was the book. I'm dreading it but will have to reinstall Windows 8 which is a huge job to then put everything back the way it was on my computer, so I may wait a few days to do that. Last night I was on it for 6 hours with tech support to troubleshoot and then back things up that will need to be saved, and I woke up feeling really awful today. It was just too much.

The proceeds of the book (if I can get it to save next time) will help defray some of my medical costs and also maybe help my son with his future medical costs for his condition.

I've made a playlist on Youtube of my favorite songs which I can listen to as I'm working on the computer. Between that and watching comedy I'm processing this as I navigate the weeds of the healthcare bureaucracy. Although there are lots of barriers to overcome I am beginning to see a glint of light at the end of the tunnel.

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