Friday, September 12, 2008

Carry A Big Stick

Things are not looking good for success with the veterinary clinic in Perry, Georgia. What sounded like a possible yes, may have in fact been just a polite brush off, but what came after was anything but polite. Over the past two days I've made 4 long distance phone calls, just to be told that I'd be called back and then closing time comes and no phone call. Today I called twice and it was the same story; "They're both with patients", but today one of the receptionists assured me I'd get a call before the end of the day. At around 6:00 pm nobody had called me and when I tried calling again I got the live answerng service, and a man on the phone refused to even take my name and number. He told me I could call THEM back tomorrow. I told him that no THEY could call ME back. I'd spent enough time and money on this runaraound and meanwhile Carmella was still getting worse. Feeling that none of these vets even gave a rat's, I told the answering service man that I'd take my business elsewhere (not that I even know where to take it next). I don't enjoy being toyed with and I don't have money for another two weeks of long distance phone calls leading to nothing. Obviously "nice" wasn't working. I had to conclude that neither of these two had the guts to tell me to my face that they'd decided to be another barrier to Carmella's survival. Here my dog has Distemper in the brain and these guys are behaving as if I was calling about a routine check-up! What's this world coming to?

Now I will surely have to pursue media coverage to reach enough vets fast enough. There has to be at least one out there close enough for me to get to who cares! There are alot of vets in and around Atlanta and I'm sure I've just scratched the surface.

I wrote a press release tonight after seeing Carmella fall on the floor for the umpteenth time and watching her jerking so hard her whole upper body shook. (I really need to get a video of this to put here on my blog so people can see it themselves. It's not a pretty sight). These vets should have to see this and not get the option of running and hiding in their offices. Carmella gets no escape so why should they?

This press release I sent off to the News Tips e-mail of The Atlanta Journal and Constitution and I will start copying and pasting it and sending it to other news media as well.

My best friend came over today and took some pictures of me with Carmella. Carmella did not want to stay still for that, but we got a few in which she wasn't moving. Her compulsion to chew on everything and everybody was making it hard to hold her. I had to bribe her with a stick or a toy before she would even stay in my lap or right next to me for a few seconds, and when she finally did come back inside to lie down she was jerking more than ever.

As I speak she is in the kitchen chewing on a bone, all the while her head bobbing like a bouey in the water.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Sorry to hear about the puppy. I'm a little hardened with vets also....the beautiful cat in my avatar had the same run around ...word of advice. get a SECOND opinon from a vet that gives you straight matter how hard. we WASTED a week on poor Zulu....the results could have been differant but the first vet drained our resources. Get a second opinion ASAP if vet is screwing with you. time is precious.

Giftbearer said...

Thanks. That is a lovely cat!

I've had several opinions. None really gave me straight answers; just lame excuses. Most don't even see her so they don't drain our resources, but they don't help either.

kraplap said...

so sorry to read about Camelia; i do hope you will find a vet soon !

Art By MAR said...

I am so, so sorry to hear of your vet troubles. Camelia is a beautiful dog and you are a wonderful person for trying to help her. I can't believe the vets are giving you such a hard time. Hope you fine a compassionate one soon. Great idea to get some media coverage, hopefully that will help.

Estela said...

I can't believe this is happening!! I hope someone will pick up your story so you can find help for carmella soon!

Giftbearer said...

I got a name of another vet today here locally, and one in Florida.

I'm looking into video too.

Still waiting to hear whether the story will be published in the newspaper from the press release I sent. It's been assigned to a certain department.

I'll be sending this out to more news agencies and hope that at least some will want to do an in-depth interview.