Sunday, September 07, 2008

Reaching Out-When One Door Closes Another Opens

It's times like these when you really find out who your friends are. There are those who are with you every step of the way and those whose real agenda becomes clear in time, and the latter fall away like soggy leaves of lettuce rotting in the late day sun. Perhaps it is nature's way of doing some Spring Cleaning (only in this case it's Fall Cleaning). It is not fun to find out people you thought supported you really didn't, but I guess maybe that makes room in your life for great people to come in.

My best friend, bless her heart, is still sticking by me, and it was good to hear from her today. That support came when I needed it most.
Yesterday there were two bead shows in town and I didn't even want to go. It takes alot for me to pass up one of those. Hopefully I will feel better next weekend. I believe there's another one coming then. I need to get some things to create some exciting new pieces and would much rather pick the supplies out in-persin than have to shop online.

Earlier somebody I've known for years said some not very nice things to me today because of her own issues and I went from feeling pretty precarious to devastation again. It took me most of the day to shake it, but coming home to Carmella's smiling, enthusiastic face seemed to soften the blow. She jumped up with her front paws and with tail wagging licked me and wedged her head under my arm, then did her Mickey Mouse pose, puffing out her chest and leaning her head back with a broad grin. I brought her a big giant ham bone that had been baked in Barbecue/Terriaki sauce and she dug into it appreciatively!

Then I threw a stick for her outside for awhile as she ran and retrieved it. Afterwards I worked on training her to lie down and to stay. She caught on quickly, but still wanted to chew my hands in the process especially when I had dog buscuits for her.

Tonight I got a few local news media contacts and sent an e-mail off to the first one this evening , a woman from WSB-TV Channel 2 News. I will be thrilled if she or one of the other reporters does an interview.

I probably won't know until Monday whether Dr. Norwood has flown the coop or not, but I know that Carmella will need a vet who is determined not to give up on her and is capable of taking care of business for the duration. In time it will all become clear who that's going to be.

Carmella is a gift to the world and her kind of inner beauty does not come along every day. Sure, she is beautiful on the outside, but what captivates people with her most is that there is something pure and shining underneath that emenates from her; an essence of dignity and grace and of wisdom.


LoveEtsyFeedback TagsAndButtons said...

Shes so cute! I hope the news story entries get picked up by someone! And that the perfect vet comes along and see it!

Rick said...

I'd be your friend -- for the ham that came off that ham bone.

(I guess I wouldn't be much of a friend would I - so forget it.)

Just surfing through - happy looking do you have there.)

kim* said...

shes too cute for words, hope she is doing better.

Giftbearer said...

Thanks, everybody. Your support/comments mean alot to me. Keep reading.

Stephanie said...

What a cutie!!!!