Friday, November 13, 2009

Eye Candy Interlude-Sneak Preview of New Gemstone Beads!
6mm Faceted African Sodalite Beads - $18.00
7 inch strand
I've never been a big fan of Sodalite but these African Sodalite beads are not like any Sodalite I've ever seen before! These are beautifully faceted and have peach or salmon here and there, and some of these beads are semi-translucent. This gives the strand a warmer look and also makes the beads easier to combine with earthtones. This strand goes great with jeans and it really sparkles!
10 X 18mm Apple Jasper Ovals - $24.00
16" strand
What a wonderful stone for the holiday season; these Apple Jasper ovals are the color of chocolate mixed with cherries! I had originally ordered some rondelles to go with these but Apple Jasper was flying off the shelf and my supplier couldn't keep it in stock. All of the red Jaspers were selling like crazy, so since this seems to be the next hot thing you should head over like a stanpede of wild horses and grab these while you can!

10 X 14mm Teardrop Imperial Jasper - $27.00
drilled vertically
In rich and creamy fall colors, these Imperial Jasper beads will coincide with the clothing colors that are in style right now. These drops are extremely uniform and the polish is as smooth as silk! On this strand is a variety of greens, mauve, wine, tan, and chocolate cherry

15 X 18mm Moukeite Briolettes - $33.00
16" strand.
6mm thick!
These chunky briolettes will make wonderful focals or you could combine several with other beads for a more weighty design.

Rainbow Brecciated Jasper Assorted Freeform Geometric Slabs- $24.00
24" Strand (graduated)
Deep red, terra cotta, and green with an excellent polish these beads are an absolute steal! The strand is tapered and would make a gorgeous necklace all by itself with just some spacers in between, or you could use it for something more involved.

10 X 30mm faceted tapered oval Lemon Quartz - $8.00
This bead is just gorgeous! The faceting is stellar; a sort of long honeycomb pattern cut.

35 X 35mm Zebra Jasper pendant #1 - $9.00
The colors in this soothing material are tan, salmon, and brown, and it has a nice smooth polish.

Zebra Jasper Pendant #2 - $9.00
Most Zebra Jasper comes in black and white but these in lovely earthtones.
Here's your chance to reserve one of more of these strands or focals. If you see something you want please convo me on Etsy and ask me to list it with your name on it. Later on today I will list these in my etsy supply shop. Don't miss out on these.


RhiannonSTR said...

Very pretty! I love the Briolettes.
Daily Paint Journal

Giftbearer said...

Hi Rhiannon,

I'm going to a bead show tomorrow, so I might bring back some more things for my supply shop.

I'm about to list these ones on Etsy now. Let me know if you want them.