Monday, November 02, 2009

Yay! Save Dogs From Canine Distemper is in America's Giving Challenge!

Save Dogs From Canine Distemper under Kind Hearts in Action , a non-profit organization in Southern California is raising funds to cover the costs of coordination, research, documentation, and serum production with the goal of publishing in veterinary journals the revolutionary new cure for neurological distemper discovered by Alson W. Sears DVM. Such research will get this treatment recognized through the necessary channels and used by more vets, thus easier for owners to obtain for their dogs when swift action is critical;

The challenge involves getting the highest number of donations by November 7th, and the winning organization will receive an additional $50,000! Just think, that would save a lot of dogs’ lives!

Daily awards of $1,000 and $500 are also given for the organization that has the most people donate in any 24-hour period.

Please spread the word to all your friends and contacts in your life and on social networking sites, tweet about it, blog about it, and e-mail the dog-related people, businesses, and organizations you know to ask that they help. No amount is too small or too large!

Kind Hearts in Action has a Facebook cause here;

To learn more about the Giving Challenge (, then visit our cause to see how we're doing so far and get involved.

If you love dogs and have been trying to decide how best to make a difference, save the life of a dog with canine distemper today. There are few animal causes in which your dollars would save lives so directly. This is one of the rare opportunities you get to take a dog off the terminal list!

There are only 6 days left in the challenge so please don’t delay.

Go here to make your donation;

Thanks for your generosity!
Like I always say...
With Love and Action All Things Are Possible!


Patty said...

cute photo of your dog...

Mission-Impawsible said...

Keep up the great work, this is wonderful!

Giftbearer said...

Thanks! I am going over to Facebook now to see how it went! Hopefully lots of people donated.

Fern said...

WOW that's awesome! Good doggies need good homes :)