Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping? You Never Know What You Might Find Until You Really Look

I focus on offering everyday value and specialized, unique, and quality items, but look around; you might just find some great deals! - Give the gift of jewelry; but not just any jewelry, these pieces are not what you see all over etsy or in the big box stores. Although I do carry some stocking stuffers such as the earrings you see above, I put hours, days, sometimes weeks of labor into many of my pieces of jewelry and your loved-ones will really appreciate the workmanship and the fact that nobody else will be wearing the identical item.

If you make jewelry or are looking for a gift for someone who does you might want to browse my Etsy supply store. This Cactus Quartz is just one of the exciting items I offer as creative fuel for your unique designs ;  - Give the gift of supplies this year; always useful. I go to great lengths not to be like all the other supply sellers and to offer something different although along with it I also offer findings and staple items so that you can make this a one-stop shop.

More Cactus Quartz being added in interesting shapes and formations; no two exactly alike! Stay tuned!

My customers have been pleased with what they've received from me and I'm sure you will too.

Make use of my combined shipping and load up your cart. Expedited (Priority) US shipping offered on many of my jewelry items and some supplies.

Shop now, skip the malls, and get everyone covered on your gift list;

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