Friday, December 10, 2010

An Etsy Brunch
I had the most delicious meal today made almost exclusively from food items I got from various Etsy sellers!
A Tangerine from , Chocolate 'N Peanut Butter cookies and  Pretzel Bagel, included as free samples in an order of Original Pretzel Bread Nuggets  from , and Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches with Espresso Cream Filling  from (which came with a little sample of  Custom Blended Coffee beans).
The pretzel bread (nuggets and bagel) is the perfect texture; slightly crunchy on the outside when heated, and moist and tender insidewith a slight bit of bounce like a good sourdough! It has sea salt sprinkled on the surface giving it a nice salty flavor.

The Chocolate 'N Peanut Butter Cookies have just the right proportions of peanut butter to chocolate. I'm not usually a big fan of peanut butter in cookies, but the way Miss Munchie makes them I just love them! There are peanut butter chips in these like the chocolate chips in regular chocolate chip cookies. I would definitely buy those and if I had not received that sample I probably would never have known they were this good and might not have ever tried them.

The Tangerines came in a medium Priority Flat Rate box and there were 44 of them (I think). They arrived in great condition and still had some leaves and stems attached. They are the most vibrant bright orange color,

  and I found out they would fill 3 plastic grocery store produce bags!
Upon peeling one open I found the flavor to be so much better than the commercially grown ones I bought a few weeks ago at Kroger. Marianne, the shop owner says she doesn't do anything special; just uses regular citrus fertilizer, and gives them lots of water. The Arizona weather and soil conditions must have been just right because the result is no less than luscious!

And, yes folks! They are sweet and juicy (see the juice on the plate above). You will not want to miss these. Get yours before she runs out. You can purchase about 7.5 Lbs. of these beauties in CalliopeAZ's Etsy shop for $20.00 (which includes shipping).

"The dogs get very excited when I pick the tangerines" she says. "I usually peel one and share it with them. I used to have one dog that would pick her own, make a hole in the skin and eat the insides."

I'll have to try that with Carmella and see if she likes them too! She probably will  beause she loves honeydew melon and canteloup.

Here are some pictures of the tree they came from. It looks very healthy and vigorous!

Just look at all the foliage and all those clusters of fruit!

The Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches are being gobbled up quickly! They are nice and soft but not chewy, with a somewhat cake-like texture, and the filling is delectible! If you are a die-hard coffee-lover you should order some of these! They'd be great to serve your holiday guests or bring to the office Christmas party, or buy some as a gift for somebody special.
A set of 12 is $10.00 and included with them is a 1 oz. sample of Pumpkin Spice Coffee Beans.

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You will have the opportunity to purchase the above items and more from great shops on Etsy! Join us for fun and profit and start or complete your holiday shopping while you get your shop featured in place of those you buy from!

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galla15 said...

Looks great!! I am jealous of those tangerines!!!

Laura said...

How delicious!

CalliopeCreations said...

So many wonderful goodies. We get to splurge on the holidays, right?

Mailed off a box of tangerines this morning.

Thanks for the touting.


Burning Moon said...

Those bagels look yummy! I love tangerines I am from AZ as well my grandma has a few of the trees in her yard.

Lbtoyos said...

They are yummy!!! I really sorry there´s not possibilitie of ship overseas the food, but understad it.