Monday, December 06, 2010

Shop For a New Bracelet in Warm Rich Autumn Colors!
Spirit of Change 3-strand gemstone, sterling silver and lampwork bracelet
My latest is just packed full of unique and interesting gemstones!
Lovely shades of juicy orange Carnelian, Apple green Afghani Jade rondelles, crisp primo faceted Peridot, sterling silver feathers, warn brown Blonde Onyx (also from Afghanistan), interspersed with metallic copper colored glass, with a swirly encased moss green lampwork focal provide you a cornucopia of interesting shapes and colors to wear on your wrist.
With the crisp transition from Fall to Winter on a global and spititual level many things are percolating in preparation for the New Year; a time for storing up energy, organizing ideas, and laying groundwork for the road ahead, for new and exciting ventures.

This is the inner work we do to prepare for the outer work; every bit as important. Even animals do this. Bears hibernate, squirrels gather nuts and store them away for leaner times when food is scarce, and trees slough off old leaves preparing for the new growth which is to come.

This bracelet is very centering to the spirit and prepares you for the next chapter in your life; both exciting and rich.

It measures 8 1/2" and has a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

It is topped off with a nice little cluster of charms on the ring the clasp goes into; a carved Carnelian feather, two sterling feathers, and green and white freshwater pearls (the green pearls includes some matching Afgani Jade and faceted Peridot).
Shipping to US destinations will include insurance and ship Priority Mail through December 25th.
If this is to be a Christmas present please order by December 17th just to be on the safe side. I am willing to giftwrap anything I offer in my shop through the holidays at no extra charge. Just ask in the buying message (or in a convo beforehand).

As you do your holiday shopping keep an eye on my shop, as I will be adding even more unique jewelry in the weeks leading up to the holidays, and remember; the best form of flattery to an artist is a purchase (especially repeat purchases), so if you like it follow up those hearts and go ahead and treat yourself or someone you care about to the finer things in life always crafted with high quality materials, and the experience, and skill of nearly 27 years.


Lbtoyos said...

This bracelet is stunning!! Love the colors!!!

CalliopeCreations said...

That bracelet is wonderful. I'm off to promote it. It deserves HEADLINES.

Crystal Zacharias said...

Love the colors! Definitely autumn!

galla15 said...

I love the colors of this bracelet. Stunning! Your picture is great too!!!