Monday, March 24, 2008

Art Prints; In The Eye Reflected Back

STEAM PUNK CAT- Original Fine Art Photomontage Print - $25.00
Printed on high quality Archival paper; total size is 8.5 x 11 which leaves a border for framing...the photo itself is approx size 10 X 8.

Citrus Tree Designs cards and prints is an Etsy store our of DelRay Beach, Florida that specializes in art cards and prints using photography, illustration, photomontage, digital alteration and special effects.

The artist creates very powerful and thought-provoking images such as the one shown at top called Steam Punk Cat with a backdrop of industrial buildings at night, its neon mechanically riveted eyes seeming to make a social commentary on life imitating art or art imitating life. Is it a real cat turned mechanical or a mechanical cat becoming flesh and bone? It could also be making a statement about artificial intelligence in the post-industrial age. Have our computers become our new pets? Does the hellish red glow hint at “progress” being the root of evil possibly? There’s a lot there to interpret, and after all that is the hallmark of great art.

This next photo print shows a calm inviting walkway to what looks like a representation of what heaven must be like. The path is weathered and somewhat rustic implying that life can be kind of rough on the way, but that what lies at the end is well worth the effort in striving.

Path to Serenity - Original Fine Art Photography Print - $20.00 Total size is 8.5 x 11 (leaves a border for framing). The photo itself is size 10.5 x 7,
printed on high quality Archival paper, with a luster finish

A very unusual digital Christmas card, this Harley Davidson in the snow makes a nice card to give that guy who loves to ride or work on bikes.

A 5x7 folded card that says “Happy New Year” on the inside and comes in a sealed cellophane envelope.

In Time To Move a delicate-looking house is perched precariously upon a hilltop. Although the fantasy landscape in this piece is dreamy and ethereal, the house also looks threatened by forces that might wash it away at any moment and take with it the inhabitants inside.

TIME TO MOVE - Original Photomontage Fine Art Print - $20.00
Total size is 11 x 8.5 which leaves a border for framing...the photo itself is approx size 10 x 7, on high quality archival paper.

If the eye is the window to the soul, then this print expresses that concept with a sky blue that seems to symbolize transparency and good intentions, almost childlike in its purity. A girl peaks from behind a lacy spray of flowers. What appears to be a red teardrop gemstone (maybe a Ruby or Oxblood coral briolette) drips from either her eye or the flower bundle just in front of her. Perhaps it’s her life force exposed to the elements like a drop of blood seen outside the body, or a tear giving way to something precious that she’s created through the fruits of her labor. The macro look of the face and the tiny reflection in the eye seems to give the viewer the feeling that she is only inches away from one’s face, conveying a reciprocal level of deep intimacy, an internal knowing that goes in both directions. I have seen this phenomenon in several artists’ work and the effect is hauntingly beautiful.
PERSONAL GROWTH - Fine Art Print - Original Digital Collage - $20.00
Total size is 8.5 x 11 which leaves a border for framing...the photo itself is size 10 x 7.5

If you are looking for something meaningful to hang on your wall or to send as a gift this shop is a very good place from which to make your selection.

To see more fascinating printed images go to;

Read more about the artist and her activities on her blog;


cserpentDesigns said...

That's a scary looking cat - but I love the beach path! Reminds me of beach wanders I've done on the Oregon coast.

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