Saturday, March 22, 2008

Put Some Bling on that thing!

Rosi of berrybeads from Long Island, NY enjoys making items that are both functional and pretty. One of her specialties is her beaded badge-holders which she constructs from glass, base metal bead spacers, and sometimes gemstone beads strung on 26 pound capacity beading wire that is double-crimped to keep the item you purchase secure.

If you remember the ‘60s the style will look very familiar to you; seed beads interspersed with larger glass beads in a kind of boho look.

If you’ve got a cell phone or mp3 player then you don’t have to be rich to add some bling to that thing! Cute and fun stuff is waiting for you. Go and get some of these accessories, and take a few home for friends and family while you’re at it.

She also offers decorative zipper pulls;

Butterfly Bling Zipper Pull - $4.50
Measures 1.25 inches (about 5.5 cm) long including the clip and is fashioned from glass beads and silver base metal

cell phone charms;

Heart Charm Cell Phone Bling - $4.50
Decoration for a cell phone or mp3 player; Glass beads with silver color base metal spacers and a sterling silver heart charm. This piece measures 1 3/4 inches (4.2 cm) without the 2” cell phone leash.

as well as regular fashion jewelry, all priced at $25.00 and under;

Fishy Earrings - $8.00
Funky abstract fish earrings formed by hand using silver artistic wire; 3 inches (8cm) from the top of the ear wire, and hung with a stone bead.

Copper n' Stone Necklace - $25.00
19 inch long ID badge lanyard made with 18 mm stone beads and copper wire bent in the shape of swirled hearts.

To see more bling go to;

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