Friday, March 14, 2008

Marilyn's Horn of Plenty!

Paterkillar Beaded Beads Necklace - $80.00
Eight beaded beads strung on a 32-inch leather string, each approximately 1 1/2 inches long. Interspaced between us are moonstone beads (13). This piece can be worn as a longer necklace, a choker, a bracelet. 2 blue and white, 2 turquoises and orange, 2 red and yellow and 2 purple and white- all on a black base.

Marilyn G of cigarboxbeads is a retired home Ec teacher from Seal Beach, California, with twins and a husband. Her retirement only makes it easier for her creative ideas to flow. She loves to knit, crochet, and do bead-weaving to create upscale elegant jewelry.

Her style of jewelry has abundance written all over it, from her caterpillar-like beaded necklace shown above, to multi-layered pieces such as this one called; Cottage Garden Bracelet.

Cottage Garden Bracelet - $85.00
Woven with a square stitch base and a vintage mauve-purple flower button, with loops on the other end of the bracelet, to accommodate a small wrist or a medium sized one. The bracelet measures 8 inches from one end to the other, with 2 loops of tiny gem chips, will fit a wrist of 6 1/2-8 inches.

To this elegantly netted piece below (this is an absolute steal for $85.00)! This is another piece you collectors should grab quickly. I have seen similar items made by other artists that are selling for about 2-3 times that price!

Chocolate Mocha Truffle Netted Choker - $85.00
15 inches long, except for the clasp. Choker is entirely netted into a cloth-like mesh.

To see more of Marilyn’s beautiful bead-woven jewelry, check out her Etsy store;

To learn more about the artist and her current activities, make sure not to miss her blog;


Regal Beads said...

beautiful feature! :)

cigarboxbeads said...

thank you so much, pippit! You DID do a beautiful job!

( the twins are our grandaughters--I'd be goofier than I already am if our 2 daughters had been twins! Yikes ;>)))

Thanks again- and thanks for starting this 90/90 feature- you're the best- and hope you're feeling better.

marilyn g