Saturday, July 12, 2008

Carmella - My Rescued Shelter Dog

I missed the shelter dog I was waiting for originally that was part greyhound, but got another one last Saturday (July 5th, 2008). I named her Carmella and she is the sweetest little 3 month old puppy you could ever find. She looks like a Dingo with reddish brown fur and distinctive-looking eyes that are almost cat-like in their shape, big ears that stand up and fold slightly to the side, and a light chocolate mask around her nose and chin. Carmella likes to climb into my lap and sit with me while I type on the computer, and already barks at the door when someone comes to it. She's pretty close to being housebroken and is very smart.

The day I picked her out (the previous Wednesday) she seemed fine, but when I came to pick her up just a few days later she had developed some sort of illness. (In retrospect it appeared that one of the shelter employees was unusually elated, thanking me profusely when I told him I was coming back to take her home. Although it seemed a little extreme I thought nothing of it at the time. I just figured he loved animals and that maybe she was his favorite, but now I can't help but wonder whether she was slated for the "gas chamber" and was saved by the bell).

Looking back I remember that I had to ask for each piece of her records one by one and they did not seem sure of what their vet had done or not done, on what date. Some things were not actually documented until the day I brought her home.

The shelter sent her home with some antibiotics, telling me it's kennel cough and nothing serious, but after one week she did not get any better, so I took her to the vet this morning and they say there's a 50/50 chance she will pull through, as she is sicker than the shelter staff led me to believe. It looks as though I am going to be paying off this bill for a long time, but I couldn't see putting her to sleep just to save myself the debt.

Right now she is in intensive care at the vet for several days because she won't eat and needs 'round the clock veterinary care. They're in the process of doing some tests to determine exactly what's wrong, do chest X-rays, give her an IV and get some nutrition into her to help her fight off the infection.

I believe there was a reason why I rescued her in particular and a purpose in her coming into my life, and that she is meant to survive and have many happy and healthy years ahead.

We must all do what we can to protect the innocents of the world; not merely wish good luck but to BE good luck.

For those of you who are interested I will post a picture of her here on my blogspot blog once she's out of the woods. (I felt taking a picture of her in her current state may jinx her recovery, so I decided to wait).

If you see anything in my Etsy shop you think you can use or give as a gift to someone in your life, your purchase at this time is much appreciated, so that I can give this puppy all the help she needs to get back on her feet.

Thanks for caring!



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