Monday, July 28, 2008

Fallen Limbs On The Road-Who Will Remove Them?

Today I tried calling Dr. Sears' old practice to get a message to him, and the receptonist was very snotty and flat out refused, saying "We have another vet now and he has nothing to do with Dr. Sears or his treatment for Distemper".

I verified that in fact they still use Dr. Sears' name on their clinic and I said to her that in otherwords what she was saying is that they have no problem "ethically" profitting off his reputation, yet when it comes down to it they are saying they don't want to endorse or help him in any way, and are essentially undercutting him and his efforts.

In fact, they are willing to go so far not to help him or those whose dogs could benifit from his discovery that they're willing to purposely block attempts to connect with him, thus letting dogs get worse and eventually, if left only half-treated, die!

She ended up just about hanging up on me only after saying if it would "make you feel better I'll take your number but I won't call and give him the message". She asked me rhetorically if there were anything else she could "help" me with, to which I said, "Yes, you could be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem".

Then after telling me she had "other calls" she said snottily, "Have a nice day" and proceeded to hang up. I reminded her that I was paying for this call, and saved her the trouble. With the little money I have I should not have to deal with wasting it on the recipients' willful disobedience and such mean-spiritedness. What audacity!

I believe that karma is real and those who help will be blessed. Those vets and others who go out of the way to make this hard...well, we'll see how they fare when it's their turn. For better or for worse, the world they help create is the one they'll have to live in tomorrow.

Daveyo is working with the Mayo clinic right now on a major breakthrough; a link to and possible cure for human Multiple Sclerosis, so if those boobs who bought out Dr. Sears' former practice want to start creating obstacles...well, ahem...Just sayin! Things have a way of becoming a number one priority really fast when it's your own loved-one affected. Unfortunately when you wait until you need it yourself it could be too little too late.

We humans really owe a debt of gratitude to all the dogs that have contributed through research (and sometimes given their lives) to further human research to cure human diseases. So before anyone trivializes the life of a "mere" dog, keep that in mind. Often dogs are chosen to be the subject of clinical trials because their bodies are most like ours, especially organs like the heart (more so even than Chimpanzees who are thought to be our closest relatives). I learned this after having worked on a human research team for 2 years. This is not to say that experiments that sacrifice or cause suffering in dogs are OK or right (they are not), but we really owe them for the sacrifices they've made for our health.

When I spoke with the vet tech today on the phone he said Carmella's pads were continuing to improve and that she is not coughing or throwing up as much, and that she is barking when she sees other dogs go past her. Those are all good signs.

They're thinking she'll need to be on an inpatient basis until around the 30th of this month; until Thursday or Friday. I miss her and really wish I could be there to watch her improvement and take more pictures, but will do so again as soon as she comes home. I wish I could pick her up and hold her right now.

Dr. Norwood was in surgery most of the day, so I was not able to find out anything about arrangements for the NDV CSF shot or the neuro vet at the practice he was checking. I don't have any information yet on whether we're any closer to a committment by another vet to do this thing than we were on Friday. When I called back closer to 6:00 pm tonight they had put the voicemail on and there was no way to leave a message. I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Last night I signed up for a service called Scratchback so that now I can sell advertising on my blog. This will help raise money for Carmella in addition to my 10% off sale in my Etsy store.

If you are interested, please click on the little heart on the bottom right-hand side of my blog below where you see the words "Are You In My Top Spots". That will take you to a web form and it only costs $5.00 per ad via Paypal. This is one great way you can help Carmella if you'd like to help but can't afford to buy my jewelry. I'm going to assume the best; that people out there reading really do care and want to do something more than just wish her well. Besides, it's a way to get some low-cost advertising for your business.

I will receive an e-mail notifying me you're interested and then I can go in and manually approve you. Anything that is not "objectionable" by most people's standards is welcome. Then, once I approve you, your ad should show up in one of those slots. Who will be the first? I have signed up for the auto-bump option which means that your ad will stay on the list until after the number of ads reaches 21 and then it will bump each down one until the one at the bottom falls off.

Still keeping the faith...

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