Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Baby Is Finally Coming Home!

Well, Carmella is coming home from the vet's tomorrow! I can hardly wait to give her a big hug! Although the issue of the one discontinued antibiotic has yet to be resolved, it may not be disasterous as long as Dr. Norwood sends some oral antibiotics home with her that are strong enough to get rid of all the pneumonia.

He left early today, but according to the vet tech she is much more energetic today than yesterday, barking like crazy at other dogs who pass by, and her breathing is better, although there is still occasional raspiness.

This journey has been tenuous and often precarious, not knowing where the next help is going to come from, if all the stars are alligned just right to have each step come out as planned, and not to fall through the cracks, and we are only halfway there. My dog and I are like marathon runners hoping to find a glass of water outstretched by a benevolent stranger on the side of the road at the right moment when we're about to run out of steam and "hit the wall", just hoping it will be enough to sustain us through the next leg of the race. In this case it is a race against time, a Rubick's grenade still threatening to explode in our hands if anything should fail.

As much as we appreciate the well wishes, there is still the bill looming menacingly like a wolf at the door, and more yet to come. If we could add even $5.00 for each well wish, at least that would be more in Paypal than we have now. There are only two full days left on the 10% off sale and so far I have had no luck yet; not one little purchase all week. Is my style missing the mark or is everyone's account empty? I know that can't be so because people are still buying something on Etsy, otherwise it would not continue to stay afloat.

There have been a few kind souls who have helped promote us and for that I am thankful.

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There is still the matter hanging over our heads as to when and by whom this CSF procedure will be done. We must remember that a cure for the body does not prevent the virus in the brain and spinal chord from continuing to grow and wreak its havoc. They cannot leave her half-treated and expect her to be OK, and we must not be lulled into the illusion that because she's more energetic and her pneumonia is much better that we can just leave it at that. We must see this thing through all the way. I just hope when she comes home that "out of sight" to the vet does not translate to "out of mind".

A friend who lived near the office where Dr. Johnson, the neuo vet has his practice, went over there earlier today to advocate for Carmella and me and get him to return Dr. Norwood's call as soon as possible. The receptionist seemed somewhat oblivious, eyes glazed over from all the emergencies she'd seen come in there (the place does alot of emergency medicine). They don't yet know how truly special Carmella is, but they will.

Items of jewelery continue to be added to my online store, so help Carmella get well and purchase something today! With love and action all things are possible.


Estela said...

carmella is precious!!

LoopDiLoops said...

Your shop is beautiful!

Giftbearer said...

Thank you! Keep reading. It gets even better!