Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Calling Dr. Brantly...

The past few days have been spent waiting on pins and needles for the two vets to make contact. Dr. Sears left several messages for Dr. Brantly on his voicemail and so have I. Dr. Sears left both a home phone and cell number and has been anxiously awaiting his call. At this time Dr. Brantly's office is closed for the day and still no word from him. I've been staying close to the phone just in case he might call with some new insights after speaking with Dr. Sears and maybe with any luck, word that he's ready to go ahead and do this thing!

Dr. Sears wrote me to say that the fear that Dr. Brantly had about an antibody reaction was very unlikely, as it would require damage to some membranes; alot more than just piercing through with a needle at the base of the skull into the spinal canal. He reported that a dog who was treated after 8 years who had been known to have Distemper as a puppy and assumed OK without more than the shot in the body did not show neuro symptoms until later in life did not survive when it finally was done at the paralytic stage, so having it done before symptoms are severe is better. He is anxious to speak with Dr. Brantly and communicate what he knows from his experience in treating the disease.

I really need to start making some more jewelry, as although I made sales to two buyers over the past few days of these sparkly, precision-faceted genuine gemstone stud earrings, I've got a long way to go before the vet bill is paid off.

In case you readers are interested in these, I have more pairs of Amethyst but the Rhodalite Garnet is sold out now. If you'd like more than one pair please convo me on Etsy and I can put up a listing with the number you need. There are about 10 pairs of Amethyst still available.

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If there's enough interest in these simple stud earrings I'll start to phase in more choices in stones and set some more of them to offer on Etsy.

Well, I'm off to make more jewelry. Be sure to keep checking my shop to see what new pieces come out! There are bound to be many exciting surprises; always fresh and interesting! Put Giftbearer on your list of places to buy jewelry from, and help Carmella get well with your purchase!


Sharon said...

How are things going - did you get the second procedure done? Did Dr. Sears talk to the other Doc... I am talking to Dr. Sears and Daveyo about my kitten who has FIP... I am getting some push back on getting the drug they recommend as well.

Giftbearer said...

Hi Sharon,

No not yet. I am still trying to find out whether the two have talked. Dr. Brantly has not called me to let me know and was out of the office today.

This guy sounded ready to do it when I called the office before the consultation and then seemed to get cold feet after we saw him.

It seems to me that if these options exist then the vets really should make use of them because NOT doing them is worse.

I think it would be good to start a doctor's list of vets who are open to these new treatments. That way it will be easier for people who come along later and want these treatments for their pets to get them witout having to start from square one.

Dr. Sears should really get the Nobel prize for the medical discoveries he's come up with.