Saturday, August 02, 2008

Scary New Developments

This is going to be a short update because I need to get back in to the other room and make sure Carmella is not going downhill.

Today I noticed more unsteadiness in her gait and balance problems, and although she is stil lively and overall acting like a normal puppy, when I checked on her tonight after a coughing fit she began having tremors and what appears to be myoclonic jerking. It started in the right shoulder and then expanded to her right front leg.

I tried to get a message to Dr. Norwood earlier about the balance problems because Daveyo told me that she is probably developing early signs of paralysis. There is one particular secretary that really should not be working there and she failed to ask the vet whether Carmella's medication came in and did not go in and tell him the situation was getting more urgent either so that he could call Dr. Johnson about her increasing neuro symptoms. She just pasively waited for him to get out of his other appointments. Then after calling 3 times it was 6:00 pm and they were closed. I never heard from the doctor. Luckily they are open until 12:00 noon tomorrow and I'm going to ride in with a friend who is taking her dog there for her yearly check-up. I intend to get some action one way or another. I'm worried that I may have to rush her to the neuro vet over the weekend and plop her on his table and say, "Do the NDV into her spinal area now!" and by golly, if that happens he better not argue with me! I'm not sure if that place is open 24 hours or not, but I do know they do emergency medicine, so they probably at least have late hours and weekend hours.

More news tomorrow.

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