Saturday, September 19, 2009

Doctors Speak About A Better Healthcare System
I have presented in previous articles perspectives from patients on healthcare and this time I thought I'd give you some examples of doctors' thoughts on this topic.
Dr. Fred Moolton was a cancer researcher and he has made a video about why we need a better option than what we currently have in this country and he speaks also from the perspective of a veteran as well as a physician.
Dr Fred Moolten Discusses Healthcare Reform
Some dentists in Nebraska decided to form a project called Mission of Mercy which provides free dental care to those who otherwise cannot afford it. This is an excellent example of an initiative not driven by profit but instead by healthcare providers who want to help people and are willing to take a financial loss to back up their beliefs with real action! I would love to see more projects like this offered. If doctors in all specialties were to volunteer like this at least a day or two each month I think we'd see the whole attitude change in this country.
Straight from the Doctors Mouth: Healthcare Reform in Nebraska
These doctors speak about examples they've seen in their practices in which patients have come to them sicker because they cannot pay for healthcare they need.
Doctors Speak Out for Health Care Reform
This doctor is really funny, but his message is dead serious!
Health Care Reform Explained
What happens when the doctor becomes the patient?
Why I care about Health Care Reform so damn much
This man wrote a song about the sad state of affairs our health system is in;

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