Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eye Candy Interlude-Jewelry-making Supplies
Detailed Metal Wing Components

Natural Quartz Crystal Point Pendant w/Garnet Cabochon

Blood Red Opaque and Transparent Faceted Crystal Chandelier Components

Opaque Blood Red Segmented Faceted Crystal Dangle Components

Pear Shaped Red Crystal Dangle Components

Pewter Thunderbird Pendant Set w/Turquoise

22 (11 Pairs) Gunmetal ball Stud Earring Posts with Loop

Supplies To Come!

Watch for These and More in My Supply Shop


More Bejeweled Components

More Popular Colors!

Look Rich Even if You Aren't!


Giftbearer said...

I love that bangle bracelet.. Gorgeous!!

Giftbearer said...

Your comment form here does require a lot of work and a strange window makes me sign into my blogger account (not a blogger window but a jskit window). anyway, just wanted to say your items in this post are lovely and i look forward to reading more on your blog in the future! :D

Giftbearer said...

Oh, no! I removed JS Kit to make it easier for people to leave comments and it seems to have removed the two comments from this post that I already had.

Giftbearer said...

Now they're back but the correct usernames aren't on the ones written by others. I hope that can be fixed.

Campbell Jane said...

Love the wings! ;) and the red!