Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eye Candy Interlude - Exciting Bracelets by Giftbearer

Moss Chilled By Autumn - 7 1/2"-8 1/2" with extender.
This bracelet includes artisan-made ceramic beads made by a co-op of African women, lampwork beads, bone rondelles, irregular Vintage bone-colored glass disks and a daring combination of brass, copper, and vermeil.

Silver, beads, copper, lampwork, vermeil, you name it I've got it! You don't have to pass up what you really want if you start your holiday shopping early this year. Just set aside some funds from each paycheck and buy a piece here and there between now and December and before you know it everybody on your list will be taken care of. You'd be surprised how well this works rather than rushing at the last minutes to buy everything in that one pay period. Then in December you can sit back and relax because it's all done!

How many of you have had to settle for gifts last year that were cheap and fast but weren't quite right for the people close to you because time got short and you were afraid that you couldn't get shipping before the holidays?

You didn't realize where your money went and where your time went and suddenly there was not enough of either. You were stressed and frantic, trying to finish up your last minute shopping and somehow what should have been an enjoyable experience became instead a dreaded nightmare you just wanted to be done with. Soon you were looking for any gift with your last few dollars and didn't care what it was.

I want your experience to be better this year, so I'll be posting some possible suggestions on this blog, and maybe this can be a win/win for us both. Hopefully I'll gain some repeat customers, and you will thoroughly enjoy your holiday shopping experience, and your friends and family will be thrilled with just how perfect and thoughtful your gifts are.

Opulent Mystery - 6 2/8-7 6/8 with extender.
If you like big and bold bracelets this one will strike your fancy! It includes some very luminous lampwork beads, sterling chain, feathers and spacers, and the centerpiece is an impressive tumbled freeform nugget of Turquoise.

Caravan by Moonlight - 8"

Constructed using bead crochet, this bracelet uses an unusual AAA Lapis square with a hole in the middle as a focal and a toggle clasp. I always have fun making innovative features in my jewelry and this is another example of something functional but fun; one of those things that makes you go, "Hmmmm..."

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