Monday, October 11, 2010

B&R Treasury and
"Promotional Frenzy"
Art of Amy started a new BNR (Buy and Replace) Treasury on Etsy;

It's open tonight and wil stay open until 2:00 AM!  It's hopping right now, so drop by, leave a comment, look into the featured shops, and who knows; maybe you'll find something you just have to have. If you have a shop on Etsy yourself let your purchase do double-duty and get you some more promotion for yours!

Note that there will be 3 rounds in this treasury and that it will open again at 6:00 PM tomorrow night after being moved to another link (to be announced).

Galla15 has posted a new thread that is a spin-off from 30 Minutes of Fame called Promotional Frenzy. It has a new twist, some new ideas, and some new participants as well as the regulars from the Fame thread!

Tomorrow night  (October 12th) will be the first of our Promotional Frenzies.
Be here at 9:00 PM EST ;

We hope to attract alot of Etsy sellers and would love to see a variety of different mediums represented. If you have a food shop, we'd love to see you too! The holidays are coming and that means lots of feasting on all kinds of goodies! This is a wonderful opportunity for cross-promotion, so come and tell your friends to be there too!

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