Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Thread Started for Promotional Frenzy

Do you sell on Etsy?

Why leave it to chance?

Be the master of your fate.

Making more (and better) sales of your work really depends on increasing the odds.

If you want to know ways to do that check out this article by Janet Galla;

From time to time all of us need a re-think about how we run our art-based business and some new strategies to get the results we want.

This is not for those who expect to get rich quick or are looking for someone else to do it for them but if you want to steadily build your business, using the methods we're using can work.

Patience, perseverence, and consistancy are key.

If you're ready to take the steps to a better future come join us for serious promotion, networking, and fun!

Stay positive and keep improving!

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galla15 said...

Great blog post! It is motivating me :) Thanks for highlighting me and the thread and my blog!