Friday, October 01, 2010

Next Buy and Replace Treasury of Members of 30 Minutes of Fame Etsy Forum Thread Reconvenes Soon!
Shop Till You Drop! Get Exposure for your handmade things! This will be Lots of Fun!

If you've never participated in a Buy and Replace Treasury you're in for a real treat!

Be There; Sunday, October 3rd
                 Monday, October 4th
                 8:00 AM - 1 AM
               Eastern Standard Time


We create a treasury (pictorial gallery of 16 items on Etsy) with a variety of sellers. Then you "announce" that you're buying from a specific seller in that treasury. Come back with your transaction link, and we'll put your shop in our treasury in place of the one from which you bought!


It's actually something that started in the forum threads. Fame is where we spend 30 minutes doing nothing but shopping, hearting, and promoting the "Famous Shop" hoping that it gets a least one sale. You can be the Famous Shop by posting a designated numbered post (for example the 5000th post) in the thread :) It's a lot of fun - we hang out, chat, promote, and make friends! Come join us!

Next Fame scheduled for
Sunday Oct. 3rd
6:00 PM EST

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