Friday, October 15, 2010

Seeds of Inspiration

Seed pods from my backyard with their wonderful spikey geometric shape offer interesting design possibilities to artists.

Last night I noted that several people in the Promotional Frenzy thread in the Etsy forum

were talking about the need for refueling their inspiration and motivation, so I slept on it and woke up to the idea today to take pictures of all kinds of textures, lighting, shapes, perspectives, and colors that might jump-start creativity for my own and others' future works.

I found more than enough subject matter just within my front, back, and side yards!

This little wasp's nest was attatched to my screened porch and I placed it on a yellow leaf so that it would stand out better.
There is alot one can do based on this design (and I've seen some fascinating ceramics and jewelry created with this in mind).

For those of you who do steampink styles this drainpipe with its accordian design could pur some new, innovative work!

I've provided several different perspectives that could be incorporated into jewelry, papercraft, ceamic, sculpture, etc.

This folded puppy pen would also offer a unique subject for one's work;

It would make an interesting background for screen printing, as would this screen
Shadows can also offer numerous ideas to artists looking for effects to use in their work.
This is one I captured on my wooden security fence.

Shadows can be really lovely and can be used in all mediums from jewelry to sculpture, to watercolor, to mixed media art.

Here I captured myself taking the picture in the driveway scattered with acorns! Now how about that for perspective!

Jewelry artists and sculptors might especially like this chain link fence cap;

and this hinge might inspire hinges on jewelry or handmade boxes, for instance;

And my favorites are almost always patterns from nature like these!

I love the perspective you get when looking up a tree!

This tree in my backyard has an owl hole near the top where it broke off a few months ago during a storm.

For those of you who love leaves these photos should give you alot to think about!

And for you dog-lovers I've got these;

This dog recently moved into the house behind mine;
 I had to lean over the fence for this first one! Just look at that black tongue on this dog. He must have Chow in him!
And a regal headshot from behind the fence!

I haven't forgotten about all you Carmella fans!

So get out there and see all the beauty this world has to offer, then come back with a headfull of ideas...and create!


Crystal Zacharias said...

So cool! I feel inspired! I need to get out again!

Jay n Rhonda said...

AWESOME Inspiration! thanks for sharing!!!

Jill Q said...

Absolutely fantastic photos! But don't make me tell you what sort of inspiration I'm getting from that chain link fence cap! ;D

d3b...* said...

this is a great post gift!!.. i'm always definitely inspired by shadows and lights.

Giftbearer said...

Thanks! I had fun doing it!

PussDaddy said...

Waves to Carmella!