Wednesday, December 19, 2007

(After a short hiatus to wait for more 90 Features in 90 Days Challenge participants to join we now have a few more to feature. If you have not joined yet and are an artist who would like to sell more please scroll down and check out the link to your right so that you can sign up and get started! We currently have 60 actively participating and need 31 more still to meet our goal of 90 features for all!)
A Message of Love

Message in a Bottle -- OOAK Polymer clay pendant -12.00
Inspired by Van Gogh's 'Paesaggio Marino', Sealed with a layer of Modge Podge, this polymer clay pendant comes with a black lace cord.

Deabusamor means 'Goddess of Love' in Latin. The artist chose this as her business name because she is showing her love by offering her jewelry and art. The artist describes her style as kitschy and funky, and says she has a high energy personality; loud but friendly.

The print at at the bottom shows a little of her dark humor and you will see a little of that in her Etsy profile as well. In her jewelry she works mostly in polymer clay, creating fascinating shapes and textures in her beads and pendants. One of these is this heart pendant above in blue and white, and the one below in shades of purple with rows of shapes on top of a base sheet. In addition to these two already made, she is open to doing custom orders and allows you to choose your colors, and will also make components for other jewelry artists to use in your own designs upon request.

Purple Tako Heart Sugar -- OOAK Polymer clay pendant - $15.00
Approximately 1.5", this lightweight polymer clay pendant is sealed with a thin layer of Modge Podge and strung on a black satin cord with a lobster clasp.

Her prints are first made as originals and then sent of to a printer to be reproduced. She has both photographic prints as well as her own illustrated/painted ones.

Watermelon Wally and the Terrible Accident - $12.00
8x10 print on acid-free archival paper

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