Monday, December 03, 2007

Quenching Your Thirst For Color

Lemon cream BUTTON BRACELET - $5.00
made with 5 yellow and 4 white plastic buttons and measures about 7.25" with the clasp.

Amanda, owner of Ulixis and a Biology and Pharmacology Student at McMaster University is currently working on her thesis at Janssen lab doing video microscopy on smooth muscle cell-migration.

She has enjoyed art in a variety of forms all her life; drawing, wreaths, doll-making, and currently makes books and jewelry. Perhaps her interest in science on a cellular level is what spurred her to create these button bracelets which are her specialty. There is something very biological-looking about these components linked together in a long chain, but equally notable are the colors she chooses, reminiscent of juicy and luscious fruits and deserts. One can imagine while looking at these, bright and tangy lemon, tart lime, exquisitely sweet and mellow cataloup, crisp white coconut, and the deep succulent cherry.

Using both round and triangular buttons Amanda creates simple yet attractive geometric designs. The proportionally large metal jump rings really add interest to her pieces, standing up in contrast to the flat discs and making them more three dimensional.

Her prices are an excellent bargain; all button bracelets only $5.00 each!

Lime Sorbet BUTTON BRACELET - $5.00
Approx. 8" long. Made of 5 light green and 4 creamy yellow plastic buttons. The dangle consists of: various green glass seed beads; a faceted green bead; and a square faceted green bead flanked by creamy yellow seed beads.

Raving Red BUTTON BRACELET - $5.00
About 7" long. Made with 3 large cherry red, 2 orange-red and 2 red triangle buttons. The dangle consists of: a bow-tie shaped red plastic bead; two pearls separated by a red seed bead; and various red and pearl seed beads.

Fruit Salad BUTTON BRACELET - $5.00
About 7" long. Made with 2 lemon yellow triangles, 2 lime green triangles, 2 cantaloupe orange large round and 1 red triangle buttons. The dangle consists of: a large yellow plastic bicone; a green plastic bicone with a green glass seed bead; and various red and orange seed beads.

Her bracelets can be re-sized if needed, and she is willing to do custom orders. She does not give refunds, but should a piece need repair she'll repair it at no charge.

The artist is also offering free Gift-wrapping for the holidays. If this is to be a gift just let her know. In addition to contacting her through Etsy, Amanda can also be reached at with questions or comments. Please let her know where you heard about her.

Check out the rest of her creations on Etsy:

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