Saturday, December 01, 2007

Gifts That Make You Feel Good!

Woodstock Felted (Fulled) Wool Purse - $65.00
Hand crocheted from 100% wool yarn, the Woodstock measures 10 1/2 x 14 inches

LazyCat Gifts is the brainchild of three friends, Kelly, Allison, and Stasia who decided to go into business together in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Kelly now lives in Philadelphia, but because of the internet and Etsy the three are still able to maintain their business together and list their creations long-distance as a cohesive internet presence!

The variety in their online store keeps customers interested, and the three partners do some interesting things with crochet. They use wire as well as yarn and are always looking for new ideas to make creative use of this skill.

Kelly has had the most experience, although the other two were raised learning how to crochet as well.
There is just something about these items that makes you feel warm and fuzzy (and it's not just the beautiful blue and green striped felted purse above). You can tell that the connection between these friends is really something special and that comes across through their art in what they offer for sale. It is certainly a feat to be seperated by miles and still remain close in spirit. These women communicate daily and continue to pull together to make this work when many others would be pulled away by other priorities and might have grown apart.
This elegant necklace in wire really would make a nice gift for a woman to wear for her wedding or just to dress up for fine dining, parties, and maybe to an office in a job where she needs to look the part. It reminds me of floating champaigne bubbles. Ring in the New Year on that very special date with your honey wearing this! Or better yet, present it to her on that special evening. When she opens the box you will be number one in her book for sure!

Philadelphia Necklace--Swarovski Crystals - $90.00
This necklace measures 18 inches (princess length), crocheted with Austrian crystal and pearlized glass on sterling wire.

If you know somebody who just recently had a baby, this would make a thoughtful and treasured gift. I remember when my son was little he could never have enough clothes. New mothers really enjoy dressing up their young ones!

Warm and Fuzzy Baby Booties - $15.00
Booties are sized for 0-6 months (4 inch sole). Ties on booties are functional. Booties are hand-crocheted with acrylic/nylon/rayon blend yarn and are machine-washable.

Here is a unique scarf with rounded corners. Very stylish, and it will do the job too!

Chamonix Scarf - $35.00
Hand crocheted from an acrylic blend and a ribbon yarn. Scarf measures 4.5 x 52 inches.

Some of their items can also be found at a local boutique called Suwanee Springs at 306 S. Main St. (in Ann Arbor, MI). Please stop in to see these exclusive pieces!

And be sure to go to their Etsy store to see what’s new and exciting for the holidays:

To keep up with what’s going on with their lives and activities, see their blog:


Anonymous said...

There's a lot at Lazy Cat to make you say, Aw...... Those baby booties are new to me, and how cute.

Lazy Cat Gifts said...

Lovely feature! Thank you so much!! :)