Monday, December 24, 2007

Transformation From Beads To Textile

Russian Royalty - $100
Just under 19.5" long (approx 49 cm) from end of clasp to end of clasp; woven from purple, clear, pearly white and gold Czech seed beads.

Now this is the kind of work I love to see! What this artist does with beads is refined, extraordinary, and every bit Fine Jewelry. The piece at the top could be in a museum for all its precision, intricacy and sheer artistry!
RegalBeads, an Etsy store out of Thunder Bay, Canada is an apt name for this operation, combining traditional bead-weaving stitches with rich color and pattern reminiscent of old world fine fabrics worn by Kings and Queens. Stately argyles, and lacy almost Victorian details are the signature of this line.

The artist belongs to Etsy Bead Weavers Street Team. The piece, Russian Royalty was her November contest entry. The stitch she uses on the piece above is absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of tatting and is a different look than most of the other bead-weaving I’ve seen before.

The next piece is woven in a classic Russian pattern know as the Karmen. It is extremely elegant and signifies class and royalty.

Princess Anastasia - $85.00
This lovely necklace was created with Black, Smokey grey and pink Czech seed beads, and is approximately 19.5(approx. 49 cm) in length from end of clasp, to end of clasp.

And this piece is exquisite with its sunburst pattern in bright yellow, tipped with royal blue!

Sunny Skies - $80.00
Made with "African Net" stitch in size 11 bright yellow and blue Czech seed beads. This piece is not quite 19" long (approx 48.5 cm) from end of clasp to end of clasp.

The artist completely encases all her toggles in beaded mesh so if you are allergic to metal you need not worry, none will touch your skin.

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