Friday, December 07, 2007

Something Really Cool Just Popped Up!

Say it with Flowers - $5.00
Card is 6.5”x5” and has layers of cardstock flowers cut out and glued on

QuirkynBerkley located in Berkeley California is owned by an artist who makes handmade cards and other paper products. One of the interesting techniques she uses is origami which makes these cards extra special! The artist loves to experiment and works at her craft for hours engineering new and creative ways to bring you enjoyment that will last the test of time. Her handmade paper items are both aesthetically pleasing and well-constructed.

Tiny Origami Boxes - $10.00
Five cute little boxes, measuring approximately 1.25x1.25x3/4 inches and made of beautiful, luxurious, textured yuzen chiyogami paper. They're the perfect size for rings or earrings. The artist glued the inside tabs to make them sturdier, although the paper is a good, substantial weight. Lids are printed, boxes are coordinating solid colors.

"I started making cards for friends several years ago, and in December, 2004,”the artist says. “Idle words became action when I sold holiday cards to the florist down the street. Almost all of my cards are one of a kind.”

Butterflies (set of 4) - $12.00
These one-of-a-kind cards are 6.5x5”, hand stamped then heat embossed in gold, both the image and the lower edge of the cards. Then they were watercolored by hand. Inside is blank so you can inscribe a personal message.

Pink Iris No. 3 – $4.00
This is a 6.5”x5” Iris-fold card, so-called because the folds of paper in the center of the card resemble the lens of a camera's iris. Each small folded strip of paper is laid down at a very precise angle to create the effect. (There are three cards made in this series, labeled Pink Iris No. 1 through No. 3). Inside is blank so you can inscribe your own message.

If you think you would be interesting in learning some of these techniques yourself, you may want to purchase this book which goes into a number of fascinating ways of using paper. (The artist liked it so much she bought it twice under different titles).

Book - Artistry in Paper – $10.00
Marked down from $18.95, is a soft-cover instructional book by Paul Jackson. This one is brand new and covers topics including: using molds, assembly, layering paper strips, papermaking, decorative ideas, folded surfaces, representational, pop-ups, paper Mache, paper sculpture and modular origami. All of the concepts are well illustrated and instructions are one step at a time; filled with gorgeous photographs.

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CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Lovely feature. I love the origami boxes!

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Thanks for featuring my shop. What a nice surprise and a wonderful write up!