Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bitterseweet Chocolate for the Soul

White Queen Fishnet and Scarf Set - $40.00
Made of 3ply 100% acrylic white yarn with a sparkly metallic thread; approximately 15 inches in length. These should fit arms up to 14 inches wide at the widest point of the forearm.

From Greenville, NC., Liz Staley of Lizstaley’s Realm of Nerdiness combines a tongue-in-cheek wry whit with unusual handmade products. You can see by her choice of materials that she has a love of role-playing games and other techy pastimes.

Many of her buttons convey a sort of angst and comedic cynicism that only experience can give you, such as this Cleric button which says: Just Because I Heal You Doesn’t Mean I Like You. (I can think of someone I’d like to give that one to, LOL, but he "healed" me and then kicked me out of his life).

Cleric Button - $2.00
1.25 inch metal Dungeons and Dragons button with plastic overcoat.

If you continue to look through her store you will find keyboard wallets, keyboard key jewelry, fingerless/fishnet gloves, scarves, and one-of-a-kind pins.
PDF - Amigurumi Plushie Pattern - $7.00
Make dolls from Spider-man to Harry Potter characters and even cat-girls with tails and big ears from this versatile base pattern!

I really like this small scarf; big and thick enough to really keep you warm but without all the unwieldy length you have in most scarves. Very clever and quite pretty too!

Funky Blue Scarflette with Wood Fish Button - $18.00
Blue yarn is 100% acrylic, 4ply yarn. Fancy Fur trim is 55% Polyamide and 45% Polyester. Measures 25.5 inches (64 cm) long and 2 inches (6 cm) wide. Fish button is 1 inches (3 cm) across.

The artist belongs to Etsy Earth Paths Artisans Street Team.

Liz Staley welcomes custom orders, so if you have something in mind contact her with your special requests.

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